Rishi Sunak Declares James Cleverly's Date Rape Joke Issue 'Closed'

In a recent development, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, known for his firm stance on societal issues , has declared the controversy surrounding Home Secretary James Cleverly's date rape joke as a resolved matter. Downing Street has expressed that the issue, which stirred significant public outcry, is now "closed".

Rishi Sunak Declares James Cleverly's Date Rape Joke Issue 'Closed'

During a Downing Street reception, James Cleverly reportedly made insensitive remarks about spiking his wife’s drink with a date rape drug. This incident, which was first reported by the Sunday Mirror (link to the external source), has raised serious questions about attitudes towards date rape and spiking, a subject extensively covered in our exclusive reports on

Despite the apology issued by Cleverly through his spokesperson, women's rights organizations like the Fawcett Society have strongly condemned his remarks, labeling them as "sickening." This sentiment is shared by Gina Miller, a prominent anti-Brexit campaigner, who emphasized the need for men to be allies in combating such evils, not trivializing them with jokes.

Prime Minister Sunak, along with the Home Secretary, is now refocusing efforts on government actions to tackle spiking and protect women and girls. This issue is particularly pertinent, 

The problem of spiking in England and Wales is alarming, with thousands of reported incidents, including needle spiking. The government's approach to handling this matter, including legislative changes and law enforcement strategies,

James Cleverly, who has been in the spotlight for various reasons since his appointment as Home Secretary, is determined to prioritize violence against women and girls. However, his recent comments have overshadowed these intentions.

In conclusion, while the Prime Minister considers the matter closed, the public discussion around spiking and its implications continues.

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