The real appearance of ghoul demons in Derna

After the devastation suffered by the brotherly state of Libya as a result of the devastating hurricane in the coastal city of Derna After the stench of death that unfortunately filled the entire city and the sadness over Libya and the rest of the Arab countries

Now there is terror, fear and panic over strange things that have no explanation to this day
It is the appearance of satanic ghouls in the city of Derna, especially in areas that are still filled with corpses until now, and the international rescue forces have been unable to extract and bury them.

Social media users from more than one Arab country circulated a video showing the presence of strange sounds in Libya days after Hurricane Daniel struck, and some linked these sounds to ghouls, one of the types of demons, which the honorable Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, warned against.
About the appearance of ghouls in Derna, Libya. These strange sounds appeared in several regions of Libya, including the city of Tripoli. The video was published by Libyan citizens at different times, and the videos sparked widespread controversy and caused the spread of panic and fear among people.
When these observations were made, some of them were documented by phone cameras
People began to implement the commandments of the Noble Messenger, which is the law regarding the call to prayer, immediately, so that these satanic creatures will stay away.
Indeed, many videos have spread of citizens giving the call to prayer at times other than specific prayer times.
Until this satanic evil is kept away from them, which, according to some people, came from the large number of corpses that have not yet been buried.
According to what some have claimed, the appearance of ghouls in the city of Derna, Libya, is a type of demon linked to the victims of the Daniel Storm, which struck Libya this September and claimed a thousand lives.

Videos of some citizens also spread, documenting strange footprints resembling the footprints of a dog or a wolf. They said they were the footprints of those ghouls because their composition resembles dogs and wolves.
Some also came out in other videos documenting the moments when some of the rescue forces withdrew in a strange manner, and some of them claimed that they encountered strange things and strange entities that caused panic.
The extreme
But despite all these videos and their spread, the matter has not been confirmed conclusively. Are there really satanic creatures called ghouls, which were mentioned in a hadith about the Holy Prophet?
Or was it just the horror of the tragedy and the stench of death that filled the city of Derna that caused this psychological feeling?
Ghouls are found where bodies are located, especially if they are not buried, and abandoned areas are always a suitable place for them.
In the West, the ghoul is described as a mythical being mentioned in folk tales and traditional tales. This being is described as hideous, brutal, and huge, and people are often frightened by its stories.

Has Satan really descended on the city of Derna as a result of all this death and the size of all these corpses?
Or is there something else that no one knows yet?

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