A terrifying robot experiment to reveal the human soul - I can't help myself

I cannot help myself, but I am trying to the point of death, to the point of annihilation, and no one can help me

Let's first find out who "Sun Yun&Peng Yu" are.....Sun Yun and Peng Yu are artists who have been living and working collaboratively in Beijing since the late 1990s. Sun was born in Beijing and Peng in Heilongjiang. Sun and Ping are contemporary conceptual artists whose work has a conceptual and provocative reputation. In 2001, they won the Chinese Contemporary Art Prize. The duo participated in the exhibition
"Venice Biennale", one of the most important and oldest international exhibitions of contemporary arts, which takes place in the Italian city of Venice every two years under a specific theme. Through this exhibition, the duo presented an artistic piece that resembles a slap of a pen in the face, and may God look like a bow that strikes on the head. This piece was also named mechanical. In the name of "can't help my self"... I can't help myself... The description of this piece of art was that it was a robot arm attached at the end to what looked like a shovel, and from the end of it a thick, viscous liquid dripped at the bottom, which was not transparent, but was dark red in color to solidify it. You feel inside you that blood is seeping from within as this robotic arm tries to draw his blood and bring it back inside again, but every time it fails to control it. Perhaps it is about to increase over and over again... This arm tries again to draw his blood several times, but fails, so he begins to get more excited. His movement is almost faster, more like a struggle and a fight to save what can be saved faster and more efficiently, but he also cannot...

But he did not leave you with the impression that he was a failure in coping with this blood....!! Perhaps he gives the impression that it is stronger than his external strength, as the matter appears to be a pressing force as much as he can... So what should he do... Can he control the flow of blood!? Can this dark, sticky substance stop moving, as if it were a massacre of an organ of a living being?...

He tried again and again for several years to make it appear to us that the life of this robot depended on his ability to understand this flow of blood, so he tried to withdraw this spill of blood... At the time when the robotic hand appeared, exhausted, desperate to increase the amount of liquid... so before that, he was catching his breath and raising This hand is for resting, or perhaps some see it as waving to someone to rescue it or provide assistance, while others almost see it dancing in celebration of the flow of blood, then they are surprised by its return again, so they try again without despair....

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