We are all cursed

No one can escape away from the punishment of God . We do not wait for Hell because we are already inside it, suspended here forever in the endless pits of strange torment, there is no taste or feeling, It is a different torment, god wants to punish us this time in a different way, maybe we will stay here stuck in this dark circle that does not stop moving, does anyone hear us, no one with us, I do not think so. We are here on our own, there is nothing but the voices of demons coming from afar, cheerful sounds and no torment or pain, and this is the painful truth. Now we realize that the demons always enjoy that they did not live in hell. We have now realized that we were in a great deception and a lie we should not have known now, or perhaps we should never have known this secret, I think for that reason we are suffering now and we are punished with never ending. We stay forever for the sake of a trick and a big lie and perhaps a crime we never committed.

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