Bruce Willis suffering from dementia

Lundi 25 September 2023, Emma Heming, the speaker of Bruce Willis, launched an invitation to broadcast “Today”,

Bruce Willis suffering from dementia

the mannequin with donné of new children's possessions of her son who is santé who does not have any family at home...
The Willis family traveled through a very difficult period... December 2022, Bruce Willis' progress had been confronted by Maladie in the grave of his 68-year-old actor, at the front of the house. Parentée of Alzheimer's, this maladie neurodégénérative a même poussé of the hollywoodienne star on a term of her carriage. Repossessed by her friend, the wife of Emma Hemming and her family, Bruce Willis, who lives with her father.

"It's for Bruce, for my family and for us"
Son, it's hard to protect your face this morning. “That's what happened, that's how difficult it is” - it will be announced on September 25, 2023 when his son's passage in the broadcast today, on the American ABC channel. "It's for the person's diagnosis. It's also for the family. And it's not different for Bruce, for my family or for our family. There are different genders that are with your family, so" "It is the case", a close confidant of the mannequin, which s'occupe Bruce Willis day and night. Interrogée by a journalist on the degree of her son's conscience, Emma Hemming affirmed that it was "difficult to save money" that she had to pay attention to what she had arrived.

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