Completely Free

Completely Free

Now she is completely free

She put her red lipstick on but she didn't forget to put eyeliner which had always been avoided because it was distorting her face from the effects of the tears that were always falling. But after today it did not smudge her face black nor her hand from the remnants of suicidal attempts and did not cut her hair short, because he always loved it long.

Although he always loved her hair long because it helped him practice love to her... sadistically; he used to wrap it aggressively around his hand, she's now become free from all shackles and cords that were about to wrap around her neck like a noose, pulling away from last hope near death. She pulled a new life, a new beginning and now she must be ready for the first night without him, without the excruciating pain, and without his hand digging effects around her small body.

Now she is completely free

enjoying life and hanging around there in the preferable places perhaps with friends or alone. This does not matter, she is free now and she is not coming back to being sad again. She has decided to change her life completely for the better. She will drink coffee in the morning and listening some of the classical music masterpieces and playing sports, restoring elegance and her sexy body.She buys some new clothes, perfumes and undergarments from Victoria's secret and gets ready to spend the evening with friends.She may also will watch her those stupid men from far away to see her elegance with their eyes inflicting wherever she goes.she is still laughing, drinking and now dancing, swaying her body and her green long hair flowing in the air.Do you see her how much beautiful and sexy she is?

anyway don`t forget she is completely free now

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