Nonsense 2

He was not a saint's day, and he knew that very well, and he was very reconciled with that. Yes, he was not an evil devil either

Nonsense 2

Therefore, when he learned that he was suffering from an incurable disease that would inevitably end in early death, as he had not completed the third decade of his life, he was not terrified and did not want anyone to know the truth about his illness, not even his family. So that his friends and family do not turn him into a hero or a martyr. He hates exaggerations, he hates exaggerations, he hates them more than death itself, and even more than hell, not to mention feelings of pity towards him.
Therefore, when his health was declining day after day, he was trying in every way to hide the truth of what was happening to him. He would put powders on his face to hide his paleness, wear loose clothes so that his emaciated body would not appear, and when his illness became severe and he felt that he was dying, he traveled to one of the coastal areas and lived in one of the rooms. The hotel and he died there. He died there alone, and when his family and friends found out about this, they rushed to him and knew that he was terminally ill and he died because of it that he had successfully concealed all of his illness of them , despite the difficulty and even the impossibility of doing so
They cried for him a lot. They remembered all his good actions, even if they were very simple and not usually mentioned, but they became great deeds. He became a hero... he became a martyr. Everything he did not want to be described as when he was alive... was described as him when he was dead and more. ...which made his soul tormented and not feel at his soul remained wandering, waiting for salvation...but salvation will not come to it unless they stop this frantic campaign to make him a saint. This must be ruined, but how?
Now, as long as he has not achieved salvation, he is a ghost... and the ghost has special powers... so he must use them... but does he use them for one of them... of course not... he had the opportunity at a memorial service that his family and friends arranged for him... This is the culmination of his transformation into a martyr and a saint... and this is his golden opportunity to end these legends...
Indeed, this is what he did. He turned his memorial party into hell... He used all his abilities as a ghost to terrify everyone who was at this party... so everyone who was at the party declared that this party was cursed because it was the memorial party for a cursed person... so he turned from a martyr. Overnight, he became cursed, and everyone, even his family, began to remember the worst situations for him, and his soul also remained a wanderer, unable to find salvation...but this time his soul was wandering and burning, for he had become cursed...and here he realized that he had deprived himself while he was alive of the sympathy and tenderness of those around him during his illness. It is their mercy when he was dead, and that man’s obsession with uniqueness, philosophizing, and contradicting nature inevitably leads to curse

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