The truth behind the Siberia project

The truth behind the screams of the tormentors underground in the Siberia project

In order to study the layers of the earth, earth scientists in the former Soviet Union managed and supervised the Kola Core project to dig the deepest hole inside the earth’s crust in the Siberian region close to the borders of Finland in Russian territory. The project work began in 1962 and the goal was to reach a drilling depth of up to 15 thousand meters to confirm the theory that the Earth's interior is hot and contains layers that vary in temperature, but when drilling reached 12,262 meters, the excavators were unable to work under high temperature conditions, as the temperature reached 180 degrees Celsius, so drilling stopped in 1994.

However, that hole remains the deepest hole that humans have reached in their history. During the project, scientists lowered highly sensitive microphones into the hole to hear the movements of the Earth’s layers, but they were astonished by what the microphones recorded. Azakov, who supervised the project, says: “As a communist, I do not believe in heavenly books or the Day of Judgment.” But as a scientist, I believe in the existence of hell, and needless to say, we were shocked by this discovery, but we know what we saw and heard and are now convinced that we have dug through the gateway to hell.”

What is the truth about these voices? Is it just a lie?

Since the news of the project spread and Azakov’s recent comment on it, some researchers in the earth sciences have based their opinions, but many sensationalist newspapers have covered it since the beginning of the nineties, and other matters emerged in the news that no one had previously confirmed or stated, namely that the earth scientists in the Kula project heard what sounded like the screams of millions. Among the tortured humans, led by the scientist Azakov, who supervised the project, claimed that this was the real reason behind stopping the project at a depth of 12,262 meters. He also claimed that they saw ghostly specters of bats from inside the hole, as if they had received a message from another world. In the photo, the scientist Azakov appears on the right with a photo taken from a newspaper that published a headline bearing the title “Researcher records the screams of the damned.” In the picture is a team of Earth scientists from the Kula Project.

In fact, the events of this story were magnified when a Norwegian school teacher named Aage Rendalen promoted bat-like creatures emerging from the hole in the hope that the media would pick them up without verifying their reality. In fact, what he wanted happened and the news of “Sreams of Damned” spread on the Internet like wildfire. An audio recording purported to be the same recording taken by Earth scientists when they inserted sensitive microphones into the hole.

Thus, every religious group became dependent on that recording and the news that was reproduced in the language of sensational newspapers only to prove the existence of earthly hell, or the torment of the grave. Among those who were enthusiastic about that news was the Yemeni scholar Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, who commented on it on television. It was previously posted on YouTube.

- In fact, the scientists in the Kula Project never confirmed or proved the hearing of these alleged sounds. The original news only dealt with penetrating the earth’s crust and hearing sounds from the hole (sounds of movement of the earth’s layers), then it was followed by a complete cessation of drilling operations.
An independent body known for conducting research into mysterious phenomena in Singapore, which stands for SPI for short, conducted analyzes of sound waves that were claimed to belong to the voices of millions of tortured people. It was found that these recorded sounds are nothing but the result of deliberate mixing of a small number of human voices, so that many... These sounds have the same waveform and frequency, but they are displaced from each other. It is known that it is very difficult for two people to have the same waveform of sound, but the sounds contain unique matches that are not usually found when a crowd of people hear them.

Everyone knows that this is no longer difficult due to the availability of advanced software that adds sound effects and even changes the voice of a man into a woman or even a child. The process of doubling a single sound into a group of sounds will also not be difficult, as it is an array of the same sound wave and placing several copies of it in parallel channels simultaneously on the time track to synthesize the final sound, which the newspapers described as “the screams of millions of tortured people.”

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