The Golden Billion Project.....Gaza, the new chapter

In fact, talk about conspiracy theories is becoming more realistic and serious every day, and they have become not just theories, but a reality that we live in...a reality that affects our lives in the literal sense of the word.

The Golden Billion Project.....Gaza, the new chapter

When some people talked about the theory of the golden billion as a driving force behind the events taking place in the world, especially among Russian intellectuals, this theory received a lot of ridicule and resentment, and it was believed that it was part of Russian propaganda against the West.
This term appears to have appeared for the first time in a 1990 book called “The World Government Conspiracy : Russia and the Golden Billion,” written by a Russian writer named Anatoly Tsikonov under the pseudonym A. KuzmichThis theory was based on the fact that the earth’s resources are limited and are not compatible with the luxurious way of life in which the rich Western people live. The resources of the whole world are only suitable for one billion people to live in this luxurious way and with these rabid consumer patterns. Of course, this is done at the expense of developing countries and third world countries. The way to absorb their wealth and resources so that this billion can live in this reported luxury, and Russia stands as a stumbling block in achieving this goal.
Then this theory developed to talk about a project called the Golden Billion. This project is based on the gradual annihilation of the Earth’s population, leaving only a billion to enjoy the Earth’s options.
This golden billion is not the only criterion for being Western, not for being Western and possessing some talent or from one of the large families and being physically healthy.The idea of ​​the golden billion appeared heavily in the novel by the most famous writer Dan Brown, published in 2013, entitled Inferno. It was about a scientist called Bertrand Zobrist who invented an epidemic with which he wanted to eliminate half of the world so that the other half could enjoy a good life on planet Earth.Brown was not the only one who put forward this idea, even in Western cultural circles, not Russian ones, but this theory did not gain its current momentum until after the Corona pandemic and the strange, rapid way the virus spread, and how this virus 
was as if it was designed to target weak immune systems and those with chronic diseases in order to eliminate themHere, some may remember Bill Gates’ statement at the Munich Security Conference in 2017, that the world must prepare for the next epidemic. Indeed, after only two years, the epidemic came. Is this a scientific prophecy, a warning, or evangelism? What is interesting is that Gates was always linked by some to some mysterious groups.
It is worth noting that the number of deaths around the world due to this virus around the world as of the writing of this article is 6,935,129 deaths.
What supports this theory is that after this epidemic, a major war broke out between two countries that are the largest exporters of grains and food in the world, which caused a major crisis in the global food chains, and of course the most affected were the poor peoples. This is not to mention the thousands killed because of the war 
Then a group of major "natural" disasters follow Massive earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Morocco caused thousands to die, and floods in Libya at the same time as the Moroccan earthquake coincidentally!! 
Here some malicious people claim that there is an American secret weapon called Harp, and that this alleged weapon can control the climate and natural phenomena, and of course the existence of this weapon has not been proven. Supporters of this theory also claim that the strange rabid campaigns that support homosexuality are an important part of this theory, as the spread of homosexuality obviously reduces reproductive processes.
In the same context, there is tense and strong talk about food and other products that cause infertility and reduce fertility
It appears to be a comprehensive system that works in short term and long term
It seems to me that the current war on Gaza is part of this project This is evident not only in the number of deaths, which exceeded ten thousand in a month amidst the silence of the world, but also in the fact that the population of Gaza has one of the highest fertility rates in the world. It seems that the presence of such genes worries some people and needs to be stopped. It also seems to me that it is possible to be with all this. The huge amount of bombs dropped on the Gaza Strip, which we do not know what they contain, may contain chemical and biological substances that may affect this fertility. Nothing is impossible in this madness that strikes this world

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