Using artificial intelligence, a song with the voice of Tamer Ashour shakes the singers community

A song voiced by Tamer Ashour using artificial intelligence ignites social media and imposes itself on the singing community by force.

Egyptian artists, specifically in the field of singing, were able to create a sad romantic song by using artificial intelligence. They used the voice of the famous artist Tamer Ashour to sing this song, which was composed and sung by Ramo and the words of the lyricist Mahmoud Waheed, who was able to use expressive and harsh words. In describing the situation that the song talks about, despite the talent possessed by the makers of this work, they have not yet had a real opportunity to prove that they can present true, sophisticated, and successful art under artistic conditions filled with absurdity, decadence, and lack of talent. In the midst of all this, they did not drift with the wave that dominates the artistic community, specifically singing, and because of the lack of opportunities for their art to reach singers and to deal with it in various artistic works at the level of melodies and words, which prompted them to resort to artificial intelligence, which was their refuge and Their only option is to communicate their talent and impose their presence on this environment, which deals only with mediation, which only results in non-existent and poor work, but when listening to their song that was released through various social media outlets, this experience received positive reactions after I liked it. This prompted everyone who heard it to continue such experiments, even if it was using artificial intelligence. Many also demanded that this song reach the artist Tamer Ashour in a step to record it in his voice and deal with these makers, who, to say the least, are real artists.

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