Scorpion trading mafia in Tunisia

The International Organization for the Protection of Children and Underage Persons sparked widespread controversy in Tunisia .

The organization stated in a statement published on Wednesday that it is following with great concern the spread of a phenomenon in the Tunisian countryside, represented by a large number of children risking their lives by hunting poisonous scorpions under the blazing sun and in the pitch black of the night without the slightest protection mechanisms from the danger of hunting operations surrounding death and terror. .
She also explained that the hunting operations are carried out for the benefit of “brokers” who market them at many times their price to the government Pasteur Institute, thereby becoming an accomplice in this crime committed against these minors.
Who were used by the deadly scorpion dealer mafia
The organization completely denounced this phenomenon, calling on the local, governmental and national authorities to intervene immediately to prevent this “murderous and criminal activity committed against the children of Tunisia.” It also called on the Ministry of Health to “issue its immediate instructions to the Pasteur Institute to stop accepting these scorpions from brokers and launch a safe national program to benefit from them.” These scorpions are in vaccines and medicines, away from children in particular and the scorpion mafia in general.”
However, in his response to these accusations leveled against the Pasteur Institute, the Director-General of the Institute, Al-Hashemi Al-Wazir, denied in a statement to official news agencies “the accusations being circulated that the Institute is the party that commissioned children to catch these deadly scorpions,” saying that “the Institute did not scorpions or snakes for more than a year, and that its stock of toxins is sufficient for the manufacture of serums against the bites and stings of scorpions and snakes.”
He added that "he took over the institute 3 years ago, during which he obtained scorpion and snake poisons through an organized and official company that was approved through terms and conditions. It later became clear that the services were not good, so the contract was canceled two years after he signed it, and no scorpion or snake poisoning operation has ever been carried out since." that time ".
He continued that “the specifications booklets regulate the entire buying and selling process, and that the institute has absolutely nothing to do with the employment of children, and has no knowledge of it,” noting that “purchasing scorpions or snakes enables the exploitation of toxins to manufacture serums that are used in Tunisia through the Ministry of Health to protect people from Deadly insect and reptile bites.”
Hunting poisonous scorpions is a common phenomenon in the Tunisian desert and the southern regions, where it is widespread due to the extremely high temperatures in these areas, which are full of scorpions and deadly poisonous snakes.

It has become a source of livelihood and a means of earning money, and sometimes just for entertainment and amusement without any commercial or material purpose. Despite this, most of the time, people hunt it and then sell it to specialized brokers and mafia, in order to sell it to various parties in order to manufacture medicines and real estate for... treatment ..

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