We are fighting ghosts. We will all die here

A leak of an Israeli soldier crying for help: Please take me out immediately

We are fighting ghosts. We will all die here

Facebook users circulated a video clip of an Israeli soldier shouting to his friend on the phone for help from the war against Hamas forces, where he said:
“We are fighting ghosts.. I do not want to die. I saw a friend being killed before my eyes. The situation is painful and we do not want to die.. Please get me out of here.”
Regarding Hamas soldiers, he said: “These Hamas monsters, I cannot see them. We are fighting ghosts. I saw my friend killed before my eyes. Please be patient. Without the air force and the navy, we cannot defeat them. We cannot advance even with tanks. They have nothing to lose.” "With all tanks and combat equipment."
While the Israeli soldier was talking to his friend on the phone, he called for his help, demanding that he be returned from Gaza. He was crying and saying: “We cannot do anything. I want to leave the country. Listen to me and do not tell me to calm down. You do not see what I see.. Please, I want to leave the country.” here".
The videos in which a number of former soldiers appear and talk about changing their point of view regarding the conflict in the occupied Gaza Strip, where some of them said:
“Like anyone growing up in Israel, I went through all the indoctrination mechanisms. We were trained to be soldiers literally from our earliest childhood years. The moment I realized the truth and began to overcome everything I had been taught was the moment I saw everything clearly. The situation was as clear as the sun in the sky. Afternoon..
One of Israel's most successful propaganda actions is to convince the world that the issue is complicated, but this is not true. This conflict is considered the least complicated in the world, and it is between those who have the power and are oppressing and subjugating the indigenous people, the owners of the land, who are being subjugated, oppressed and exiled from their land... That's all. What happens".

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