there's something about sarah (The book of absurdity)

I no longer count the number of people who were running after me...the KGB men, the agents of Abraxas, the followers of Zoroaster, and the gold merchants

there's something about sarah (The book of absurdity)

What is strange is that I think that the most dangerous of them are the gold merchants. Not every day will anyone find a book that turns copper and tin into gold... I have revealed... The book was finally located after hundreds of years, but I was the first... even though I do not have the supernatural abilities, money, or even intelligence capabilities that the latter possesses... but it was as if the book wanted me to find it
I am the one who finds it.. All these people were following me and searching for me and the book of course, and I was searching for her, for “Sarah”... No, I did not care about the gold that I could make with this book, for which I wasted half my life searching for it, but I found it. This book is my true treasure
No, not because of the dozens of spells and charms that give you dozens of supernatural abilities, such as concealment, disappearance, flight, hypnosis, and many others, but rather the love spell. This spell is exactly what I needed. I wanted gold so that I could be rich, and I wanted to be rich so that I could prove to her that she was foolish and stupid when she rejected me. Childish logic, or rather adolescent logic. What I think about is this. It seems... You may be right, but this logic was completely controlling me. I don’t know if this was an illness... or mania or madness. It struck me. ...I didn’t know. At that time... all I knew was that I wanted to return to Alexandria as soon as possible, and begin the journey to search for her. I knew that she had traveled there, but where exactly in Alexandria I did not know... No, there was no time to rest even though in twenty seven day i I circled halfway around the worldFrom Cairo to St. Petersburg to Baku to Tehran to Konya to Damascus to Jericho to Gaza to Alexandria...and if I arrived in Alexandria, I used one of the spells in the book for searching and finding things. This was the first time I used these spells and I was very afraid, but my fear transformed... I was overjoyed when the spell worked and I knew its location. If the spells in the book worked and the book was real, I had doubts about its truth and therefore I was hesitant to use one of its spells and it would fail and all the effort I had put into obtaining it would be wasted.Indeed, I knew her exact location and went to the apartment where she lived. When I arrived, I found the apartment door open. I hesitated a little and went in to find “Sarah,” but she did not look like the “Sarah” I knew... She was sitting on one of the chairs as if she was waiting for me and she was laughing...She was sitting on one of the chairs as if she was waiting for me, and she was laughing...laughing hysterically, then she motioned for me to come forward and said:

"Come forward...come forward, do not be afraid...have you brought the book?"

to be continued 

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