We are fake

We are the ones who have become fake, and we have no hope of retaliation and no hope of salvation. We will remain stuck here forever.

We are fake
We are fake from the inside and from the outside. We are fake in everything. Love, passion, sex, even orgasm. Sometimes we make a fake orgasm to be satisfied, but we can accept the nasty reality. We are now a few steps away from reaching the top of professionalization in fabrication and counterfeiting We are mere bodies without soul, after the effect of counterfeiting has reached every part of the soul which God has created.
And that is to become everything inside us just a vacuum does not carry anything of feelings, until the blood is cold inside the arteries, and the body turns to the bodies only have a little oxygen inside the lung, we are false dead still living temporarily life and Today or tomorrow everything will end completely,
and we will have nothing but reality, which for many years has become false and unreal, as if we are trying to live in another dimension, As if we wanted to escape to live in a virtual reality, after everything around us turned into a frightening illusion. ,We do not have anything other than the only one fact that we are fake, and there is no solution for that.

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