Do you hear me? I'm right here. I have been here in that wretched place I have been in for a few days.

Like the previous time  I do not know what came to me to be here; but this time there were more strange things than last time. Something forced me to do some strange ritual; it was a blood ritual.
“Do not be scared “Conner”, I did not steal a child from life to slaughter him and I didn’t cut the arteries of my hand!”
But the blood filled this cursed place, even the white roses that were around me, got mixed with blood and was changed in its color. There were many roses around me, and for a moment, I thought I was in the seventh paradise which lies at the end of the distant sky.
But then I remembered that demons do not dwell in heaven. There was no devil except for the one who spoke to Eve. But God expelled him and we do not know where he went.
Perhaps, he’s inside of me! Maybe, he’s the one who made me do this… I don’t know!
But there is no one in this heaven that I felt about, except God, angels and the Christ.
But I’m still here in this wretched house, “What drove me here, Conner?”
Am I sick of this foolish disease that makes us move during sleep? Has an evil spirit possessed me? The spirit of a demon has been killed inside this damned house. I know nothing, but I know that nothing will happen, nothing will change. I’ll always remain here.. TRAPPED! Maybe until the blood that moves inside my body is about to finish, and to be honest, there is not much left of it. Until my heart stops beating, everything stops with it, and this curse has been spelled upon me, would end too, along with my hanging soul inside this forestry waiting for another victim to enter the next game.

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