Hey ... It's me

When I was a young child, I did not like and did not care like children in my age to listen some fictional children stories

Hey ... It's me
I do not know why I always stay away from any place where stories were narrated,
and after a few years ago I became the one who brings children to tell them some stories, even though I never knew anything about any stories so I could tell them, so the total dependence on my imagination was far and wide and improvised when I always looked at the sky So I find what inspires me and I can find the story and cut them down, and passed the other years and I sit alone a lot in my room and write novels and film stories and specifically horror stories ...
It will pass a long or short years do not know
Maybe I will not tell stories again, they will be able to see them in cinema and then on television,
And will pass another years and others
till out to the end ... end of mylife
I do not know if I will become a story worthy of being told, gather children around their grandmother and cheer loudly
Grandmother .. Grandma We want to listen to
the story of "Mohamed Serag"
But now I do not know if this will happen or not, but what I know is good now is to work ... I work hard to find out what I want to get my dreams
and after years and years and come a crying child to his mother and says
Mommy I want to sleep when I listen to the story of "Mohamed Serag" .

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