The hunted Soul

Life is just an endless maze, we are here and still stuck inside it without screaming or feeling pain.

The hunted Soul
I'm not mad, I have never gone to any of the mental clinics to treat madness, epilepsy and cursed mental illness, but I do not know what is happening to me and who does all of this, why I always feel as if something moves me from inside makes me do strange things And ugly and sometimes dirty, Sometimes I get naked in the living room, dancing, screaming, and burning my clothes and putting them in a dark room on the ground floor. Sometimes i break up all the mirrors in theĀ house, urinating on the paintings that fill the walls. I do not know where the blood between my thigh comes from, Although I have become unvirgin from seven years ago , and my menstrual has been interrupted since almost a year , But I do not know where to come all this blood that fills my room,The bed, the walls and the door and everything inside is full of blood. I am not a psychotic patient. I do not need electric shock therapy. and Some drugs bring hallucinations at night . I feel everything well. I feel every part of my body.But I feel that something is inside my body,, Drives me and controls, i`m not schizophrenic or any mental diseases , I have never suffered from all these diseases that these foolish doctors talk about. I have never suffered from these cursed diseases, but I do not know what is happening to me and when it will end.

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