Kill your darlings

I fell in love with the language, books, novels, and poetry, when I was young, “I must kill my darlings”

Kill your darlings

I can no longer stand still without bursting the energy, passion and madness out of me and unto the canvas of words, music, art and photography.
I can no longer have it died in me, I must kill my darlings before they kill me…
Among all, I chose Stephen King to talk about and to dedicate this for him..
I needed to take a look inside myself and all the signs around me, to start digging further and sun away resistance that hinders me from writing,
It’s a secret world that exists by its own rules and lives in its own culture.
And the second thing is that we forget what it is to be a child and we forget that life which is kind of exotic and strange and that’s what really interests me.
When we deal stories of the supernatural whatever the supernatural element is, the mind sort of bifurcates, and the story begins to talk to us on 2 levels.
On the intellectual level you grasp the fact that it is make believe, but the subconscious grabs the story in a symbolic way, whether we like to or not.
On the psychological level, we always tend to relate our psychological state of the “make-believe” parable.
We can always start by eliminating everything that is not necessary or redundant… Killing your darlings might sound strange but it’s one of the most important things to do to turn you from an okay writer to an amusing professional one. 
Find your idea, build upon it, plan and structure like putting puzzles together.

Write it but consider it your first draft, not your last.
Revise it, add, rearrange, remove and replace anything, here’s what killing your darlings come into place, edit it and consider this to be the last unto publishing brought to light.
It’s revolutionary to listen to your intuition and what it has to say, but stay away from the voices that keep telling you “you can’t”! 

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