I left and left the details here, a place that ate away what was left of me, my mind and my heart, without mercy. You left me here to struggle with the curse.

You are no longer here, but all the details that have been here with us, without ending, dying or going away, I do not know whether you still remember everything, forgot everything, or hated everything, and do not want to think about memories Which have been together for years and I do not know anything about you yet, but I want to tell you that I still live in the same house where we lived for more than three years. I still drive the same car. I did not buy a new car. Everything was here is still here.but You are not here, I do not know whether you will come back or not, but still waiting for you, and I will always wait for you forever, with the ghosts that hears me your voice every day everywhere in the house , Every day u hear your voice when we had sex, still hear your voice under water when we take a shower together, everything was here is still here ...

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