Exclusively in our special interview with the Palestinian cultural advisor

Ghazi Fakhri narrates what happened and what will happen in Palestine and many secrets related to the current situation inside Palestine in Gaza Strip

Exclusively in our special interview with the Palestinian cultural advisor
Exclusively in our special interview with the Palestinian cultural advisor
Exclusively in our special interview with the Palestinian cultural advisor

We woke up on the 7th of October to rapid events and bombing in occupied Palestine, and we do not know how it started, where it started, and what is meant by this?

But we saw victims and injured women and children from the Palestinian side, after which violent mutual bombardment continued between the occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance, and everything that exists on social media says that the 7th of October is the victory of Palestine!

A special interview with the former Palestinian cultural advisor to tell us about the current events and where they will end?

- Egypt and the entire Arab world want to know what is happening in Palestine and where it will end?

The aggression against our people, the raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque, the assault on worshipers, and the insult to Muslims while they were performing prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque, and herds of settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque daily, morning and evening, guarded by the occupation forces. Recently, the occupation forces have begun to increase to 300 settlers, including religious people, men of the fascist government, and some members of the Knesset. On the other hand, the aggression increased greatly, killing, destroying homes, and forcing residents to demolish their homes themselves, attacking farms, burning olive trees, cutting down trees, attacking Palestinian villages and cities, and threatening farmers in the Jordan Valley, a brutal aggression against our people. This is an act of accumulation by the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people, and we consider that Jerusalem and the mosque Al-Aqsa and the Church of His Resurrection are red lines, and we have been banned a lot with this strict aggression against the Palestinian people, and from here we found that we are facing a blocked wall, just as we have found this wall in front of us since Oslo until now. For 30 years, we have been making concessions, and there are written agreements, and there is no life for whomever it calls for. This government came, Ben Ghafir, who is responsible. Regarding national security, it is the security forces, and they began a terrible campaign against our Palestinian people, whether in terms of the treatment of prisoners in Israeli prisons, as well as depriving them of treatment, and of course the Palestinian prisoners are more than 5,000 prisoners other than the detainees, and the martyrs are in large numbers. Martyrs, all of this created an inevitable reality of confrontation, and thus the resistance brigades prepared. And the resistance factions, especially Hamas and Islamic Jihad, carried out military parades before attacking the colonies around Gaza.

- How did this attack start and how were the Al-Qassam Brigades able to control the occupation in the beginning?

These resistance factions, armed with weapons, missiles, and all types of weapons, took advantage of the Jewish Sukkot holiday, as happened on October 6. We entered on Yom Kippur and surprised them in the October 6 war. These factions did the same thing, and surprised them with 10,000 fighters, surprising them in front of the world. They entered these settlements inside the Gaza Strip, and their number. More than 50 settlements, which are resistance on our land, and there are hundreds of thousands of settlers who cultivate the lands and set up factories as they do in Ashkelon and in these settlements, and they cut off and enjoy all aspects of life. They entered upon these people by fire, killing those they killed, and they began to capture their tanks and take them to Gaza because they demolished the wall that the entity had erected. The Zionist  between Gaza and the occupied territories is a wall that cost them billions. The resistance opened 80 loopholes in this wall and entered these settlements with this wall and began to return with the prisoners. They return with equipment. They burn large vehicles like the Kava and other tanks. They bring the prisoners in Israeli military jeeps and enter the Gaza Strip. This raised the morale of the Palestinian people and they stopped. The people as an incubator for this resistance, and the resistance was not satisfied with this charming attack on this enemy, which claimed that it was not needed one day, and was defeated in the October War, and it is being defeated, and has been defeated now in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip, and these heroic resistors entered these settlements, the colonies, and occupied them, and this was a message to the occupying forces because they found... The resistance is greater and stronger than they can imagine and are capable of. Then the Zionist movement began to launch terrible raids on our innocent people and on our women and children in their homes in the Gaza Strip. It began to destroy it with American weapons, American missiles, and forbidden bombs. It began to throw these explosive devices, which were up to 1,100, on the heads of our people in the Gaza Strip.

- Mr. Counselor Ghazi Fakhri, tell us, first, about America’s position, and what do you think of this position?

America's position. As it has become accustomed to in its history against our Palestinian people, in Biden’s visit, and in Biden’s statements, and today, by the way, Blinken has arrived to the Zionist entity, and with Biden, the greed of the Israelis and Netanyahu’s greed is that America stands with all its material, military, moral, and diplomatic capabilities. My imagination is that Biden did not speak a single word about what is going on in Gaza and considered that Islamic Jihad And Hamas, these are factions that resemble ISIS or are part of ISIS, are the ones that kill, influence, and attack as if nothing had been done against us, and America is watching on screens and on satellite channels what this aggression is doing, which has reached, as of yesterday, destroying about 25,000 residential buildings, attacking their residents, and destroying 48 schools, including 48 schools. UNRWA schools destroyed all Palestinian institutions, the Ministry of Endowments, the Ministry of Communications, all the ministries were destroyed, and Biden, as if nothing had happened, began to supply Israel to the Zionist entity with aircraft carriers, which in examples arrived in Tel Aviv, and also within days, another carrier will also arrive, and he began an air bridge, as America did in the October 6 war after Bridge Tour What happened was Operation Breach with the latest types of weapons. These were all shipped through bases in the region and, unfortunately, from American bases in some Arab countries, and all of these went to the Zionist entity. So, we are facing the Zionist enemy first and America second. It stands with all its might with the Zionist entity and our people are facing blows. The resistance was strong, but with high morale, with its missiles that crossed Tel Aviv and the Zionist cities, and with its missiles that attacked the Gaza envelope, the settlements in the Gaza envelope, and burned Ashkelon completely. Ashkelon, for the record, is an industrial city with a high population density. The resistance fighters occupied it for several days, and they are still attacking the Zionist aggression forces that are heading towards this area. These settlements are acknowledged by the army For the Israeli defense, and of course, it recognizes the prisoners who numbered in the hundreds during the resistance and killing, whose number exceeded 1,300 Israeli dead. This is a loss that has not occurred in the history of the Zionist enemy, and they admitted that all the settlers in the Gaza Strip in the settlements left their homes, just as the settlers in northern Palestine and southern Lebanon left these homes. Now they are, I mean, in a state of extreme confusion. They do not know what to do. Some people say that they will launch a ground war into Gaza, and this is us, the resistance, and the people. Are we ready? Are they showing them what they did not see? In the event that this aggression took place, the Arab nation stands with us in this war, because we are defending our rights, defending our land. We did not attack for the sake of aggression, but because they led us to a path that wanted to annex the West Bank, ending it as the United Nations did. He did not mention Palestine on the map. He threatened to wipe out the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip and displace them to Sinai. The government responded to them by saying that the Palestinian operation is a red line that could violate the rights of the Palestinian people and not Their place is in Sinai, but their place is their land, which is the Palestinian land. Al-Azhar came out with a very important statement and supported the resistance and told them that it is better for them to remain and die on your land than for them to leave it, and the Arab nation and the Arab peoples stood up.

- There is a sentence circulating on social media that says that the aggression against Gaza is the first test for the world since World War II. What is your response to this sentence?

I mean, they acknowledged this crushing defeat due to the number of prisoners and the number of killers, but the truth that supports this Zionist entity, as I said, is America and the European countries, which are also being pressured by the American entity, and they support it with money and weapons, and it stands against our people, against our resistance, and against our rights.

- Do you think that Iran has a role in what is happening now between Hamas and Israel?

Iran is the one that supports the resistance, and this is known to the whole world. Iran stands with the resistance and with the Palestinian cause and supports the resistance, especially Hamas, and the Islamic apparatus with all types of weapons, training, etc. Iran threatened that the moment the Zionist entity tries to advance towards Gaza or storm it in a ground war, the world will catch fire and there will be A regional war in the Middle East, not only Iran, Syria, has now entered the battle, and missiles have been launched on the occupied Golan, Yemen. A million Yemenis came out in the streets of Sanaa and the streets of Yemen and prepared to enter the battle against this enemy, but it threatens the Arab nation and this Palestinian nation, and prevents the achievement of its goals and progress.

- In some opinions, you say that what is happening now is nothing but an agreement between Hamas and Israel to support the Israeli government?

What is happening now is that Hamas is truly the tip of the spear, and this Zionist enemy is the main enemy before us and the Islamic apparatus as well. The war is definitely between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist enemy, but they are attacking civilians and destroying homes and everything, not only in Gaza, but their attacks are also continuing and this war is escalating against the safe people in In the West Bank, they are attacking our sanctities and our cities, and they are killing daily. I mean, over the past few days, more than 30 martyrs of our sons have been killed, many of whom were cold-bloodedly killed in Hebron, women with our children, in addition to thousands of them in prisons. Therefore, they are the ones waging a war to end the Palestinian issue, as the leadership said. Egypt mentioned these words to the people of Egypt to be aware of what is going on on the eastern front because Egypt knows that Gaza is the eastern gate to Egyptian national security, and therefore Egypt will not remain silent about what is going on on our land in the Gaza Strip and will not allow the migration of the population in Gaza to Egypt, Sinai or other countries. Egypt has mastered the Palestinians. The Egyptian people came out with their parties, institutions and people in all the governorates and stood with the Palestinian people and still stands. Tens of thousands of Bedouin cars came out on the borders of Palestine from Sinai. This means that all of them are preparing to battle the enemy, and this enemy has no choice but to retreat from this aggression against our Palestinian people. Our Palestinian people take and obtain their rights as their hope, and exit and end this occupation of our land, which they have unlawfully raped for 75 years.

- The matter is now happening between the Al-Qassam Brigades and Hamas. Where is the rest of the resistance and where are the Palestinian people in this regard?

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which is the military wing, is based and working with other factions, with the Islamic apparatus and the Hamas movement in the occupied territories in the West Bank, and also took a number of prisoners in the war currently taking place in the Gaza Strip as well. The Popular Front and the factions according to their forces, the Zionist enemy apparatus, by all means, but the main resistance is what exists. Now, between Islamic Jihad and Hamas on the one hand, and this Zionist enemy supported by the United States of America, this is what we say: it is the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance, which is mainly represented by Hamas in this battle, and the previous battle was from Islamic Jihad, and now the two factions have united and what they call Al-Sahab alone and have stood with this Zionist enemy supported by The United States of America and a number of European countries that stand, support and support this aggression against our people and do not even consider a ceasefire and stop this demolition and this terrible attack on our children and on our women, some of whom are still under rescue until now, and they deprived us of water, food, medicine and everything else. The Palestinian people need it. Rather, they shut down the news about the water they make. Some residents closed it with reinforced cement so that people would not drink. This is what it means. This means that there are attempts to kill the Palestinian people with their children, women, and elderly. The operation is not a resistance operation between Hamas and the Zionist enemy, but it is now that these strikes are being directed by Israeli aircraft. With these missiles, artillery, etc., cluster bombs and phosphorus bombs, they are directed towards the safe residents. Where is President Abbas in all of this?

The role of the Palestinian Authority is to try to stop this aggression in various ways, whether in the United Nations, which is unable to even open a convoy coming from Egypt that will strike it and prevent it from entering Gaza, the United Nations and the Security Council, oh my life To whom are European countries calling? They are not concerned with what is going on. On the contrary, they support the Zionist entity, and the Arab countries must realize this fact. America will never stand with the Palestinian people or with their Arab nation. It has a veto in the Security Council and not a single resolution has been implemented, as President Mahmoud Abbas says, not a single resolution has been implemented. One is against the Palestinian people. Our Arab nation is aware of these facts and must be aware that America and a number of European countries, and I do not say all of them, although these peoples with us stand with this Zionist enemy and must be held accountable, whether America or these European governments that stand and see what is happening on our land and what It happens to our children and even the international institutions of the Human Rights Committee or the International Criminal Court and International Justice prevent them from realizing what the Palestinian people are facing.

- Your response to the calls to completely open the Rafah crossing and displace Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai?

The Arab nation must not comply with these Zionist decisions because our people are facing death. There is no electricity, no fuel, no food, no water. The stations and hospitals are suffering, meaning a major shortage of medicines. Therefore, we have no choice but to stand up for this nation with its peoples and governments and press for the opening of the Rafah crossing and the entry of aid that is needed. It was prepared by Egypt and a number of Arab countries in order to help our people and stand by our Palestinian people

- What do the Palestinians, not Hamas, expect from Egypt in particular and the world in general?

Egypt has always stood by the Palestinian people, and until now, with all the battles that have passed and targeted Egypt, Egypt has always stood by the Palestinian people, and now it stands by the Palestinian people, and our people hope that Egypt will maintain this position in defending the Palestinian cause and Palestinian rights, and force the world to do so. It has the weight to force and cooperate with the Arab regime in order to stop this aggression against our people in Gaza

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