The Bathtub

In every pain I feel,When I approached the kitchen I always smelled the coffee we drank in the morning and we listened to Mozart music

The Bathtub
whenever i enter the bedroom, I smell the beer that filled the room and the bottles were always around the bed we were drinking. Before we make love in the cold of the winter during the falling snow, all these memories will not come back again will only remain inside my mind, eat slowly from My brain may soon become cancer, and I dieĀ during a dose of chemotherapy that causes hair loss and slow body decay. Nothing will happen. It will not last again. I will stay here.
Start the day in the morning in the bathtub filled with dead flowers,I will stay here and start here in the morning in the bathtub, which is filled with dead roses, And I think about drowning, maybe a day will come and I can do it, and such roses have become dead, drowned and ended in silence until I also become just memories .

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