Gaza faces absolute evil

I paid attention to what the wonderful journalist Rita Khan said about the fact that we now see the absolute evil that we did not want to acknowledge the existence of.

Gaza faces absolute evil

Some cinematic films were always criticized for showing that there is an absolute villain, an anti-hero, who carries all the bad values. They were pointing out that any person in the world has dimensions and motives for any of his actions, regardless of whether they are crude in being evil or wrong.

Gradually, there is a trend towards glorifying evil or law-breaking characters, and for us in the Spanish series Last Casa de Papel, or in its literal translation, The House of Money, is the greatest evidence and witness to that. The tremendous success that the series has achieved worldwide and the viewers’ attachment to the point of obsession with its heroes, who are a bunch of thieves. Suddenly, a character like the professor became an example of intelligence and wit and a role model for many people

This series is not an exception, as many works have achieved overwhelming success in this way. The moral compass has clearly disappeared from the artistic works.

The duality of good and evil has become non-existent, so someone also pondered with me the most famous series in history, Game of Thrones, and how the viewers attached themselves not to thieves this time, but to a handful of psychopaths who practice the most abnormal behavior at all levels.

I believe that this trend does not only concern works of art, but rather a general, global trend that is clear at all levels and does not recognize values, ethics, or constants.

There are no constants...good and evil are relative. Only they decide what is good and what is evil, however they want, whenever they want, for whomever they want

Killing children, women, and elderly people, bombing hospitals, cutting off water and electricity, all of these things provide thousands of justifications and are not considered evil, but rather it is a sacred act of charity.

Over the years, they have brainwashed us to make everything relative and to make us afraid to call absolute evil...absolute evil and even look for human justifications for it, then gradually it turns into good.

Therefore, we must say that what is happening in Gaza is a war between absolute good and absolute evil. We must say that clearly

Even dealing with this absolute evil with our values, principles, morals, and humanity

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