Assault on an elderly Syrian woman in Türkiye

Assault on an elderly Syrian woman in Türkiye

May your peace, aunt.” With this phrase, the Syrians launched their angry campaign on social media in solidarity with Mrs. Laila Qaddour Daas, a 70-year-old Syrian woman who lives as a refugee in Turkey, on the Syrian border to escape the scourge of war, where she received a kick. From a Turkish man on her face. Last Monday, the first of June, the elderly woman (Laila Kaddour) was sitting with her back bent over on a wooden sofa in one of the streets of the Turkish city of Gaziantep, located on the Syrian border, and in front of her were some Turks who did not appear in the video that one of them took. But the sounds of their conversation in Turkish, which the Syrian refugee did not understand, were very clear, and after a few seconds, the woman was surprised by a violent kick from a Turkish man’s shoe on her left eye, without any intervention from any of those present. When the clip was published immediately, the Syrians activated the hashtag “#Stand_With_Leyla” on the website. On social media, Twitter, they published hundreds of pictures of themselves with their hands over their eyes in the way the lady suffered, as an expression of their solidarity with her. Even the Syrian children decided to participate in this campaign and published pictures of themselves with their hands over their eyes in solidarity with Mrs. Laila. They organized protests against this incident in protest against what happened to Mrs. Laila and against the racist behavior affecting Syrians in Turkey. Syrian journalist Ramia Al-Ibrahim tweeted on her page, saying: “I stand in solidarity with you, my mother, and the mother of everyone who has a conscience and human dignity in the world.. Rather, it is a kick in the hearts of all of us... By God, for his part, the Syrian writer Ahmed Muwaffaq Zaidan said in his tweet: “A video of a Turkish kicking an elderly Syrian refugee in Gaziantep is dangerous, not the same as the situation that the Syrian refugees have reached in Turkey, as much as He is dangerous to Turkey's image abroad." He added: "Certainly these idiots do not represent Turkey, but the authorities must initiate legislation to protect it from an image that people like him want to imprint on its image externally.” Syrian activist Ahmed Abu Hamza also tweeted: “Safety for your head and heart, mother... a kick that hit our hearts before all of our heads... racism that does not distinguish between gender or age.” The Aleppo photographer, Mustafa Al-Sawart, published a picture of himself next to a picture of Laila Qaddour, and commented on it, saying: “Respect our weakness, our pain, and our lack of help. We do not want anything else... We are Syrian people displaced from the oppression of the Assad regime and the SDF, fleeing from the mistake of our migration to you, the migration of the dignity of a thing.” "The only one we have left... deprived of all rights." But on the other hand, after the clip went viral since last Monday, Mrs. Laila appeared again in a hospital, where the governor of the city of Gaziantep, Davut Gul, visited her, offering his apologies to her. In statements to Syrian media, Mahmoud Hajo, Mrs. Laila’s son, said: : “After the video spread, the police came to our house, on Tuesday morning, and told me that they wanted to transfer my mother to the hospital to receive treatment. After we arrived there, the mayor of Gaziantep visited us, and the governor and several official government figures contacted us.” On the same day, the governor of Gaziantep issued a statement in which he said that the authorities arrested the Turkish assailant, Shaker Shakir, who is 39 years old. It was found that he had 9 previous criminal records related to drugs and theft, and he denounced any criminal act or assault of this kind, according to the statement. Gul said in his statement, “The person who kicked the woman has been detained by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and is being investigated, and will receive the punishment he deserves.”

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