MatPat Bids Farewell to YouTube: Announces Retirement from The Game Theorists

In a new video titled “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat, whose real name is Matthew Patrick, stated that March 9 would be his last day hosting his YouTube franchise and that he will be “handing off the channels to someone else.

MatPat Bids Farewell to YouTube: Announces Retirement from The Game Theorists

Matthew Patrick, popularly known as MatPat, the creative force behind The Game Theorists, has officially announced his retirement from YouTube. In his latest video, “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat revealed that March 9 would mark his last day as the host of his renowned YouTube franchise.

A Decade of Theorizing: The Journey of The Game Theorists

MatPat, alongside his wife Stephanie, launched Game Theorists in 2011, creating a unique space to explore video game lore and theories. The channel, famous for its in-depth analysis and engaging content, has grown exponentially, boasting 18.4 million subscribers as of January. MatPat's venture expanded to include several successful spin-offs, such as Film Theorists, Food Theorists, and Style Theorists.

Record-Breaking Achievements and a High Note Exit

MatPat’s influence extended beyond YouTube, as evidenced by his hosting stint at the Streamy Awards. The 2023 ceremony attracted unprecedented viewership, setting a new record with 15 million views across digital platforms in its first 48 hours, surpassing the previous 2021 record.

Family First: MatPat's Reason for Departure

In his emotional farewell video, MatPat expressed a desire to prioritize family time, having dedicated over a decade to his work-first ethos. Reflecting on his career, he shared a longing to return to simpler times, enjoying video games without the pressures of content creation.

An Era Ends, A Legacy Remains

MatPat's departure marks the end of an era for The Game Theorists, but his legacy in the YouTube community and the impact of his innovative approach to gaming content will continue to inspire.

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