Extending the truce for two additional days in Gaza

This is a good step towards stopping this bloody aggression against the Gaza Strip

Extending the truce for two additional days in Gaza

Egyptian, Qatari, and American efforts succeeded in extending the temporary humanitarian truce for two additional days between the Palestinian resistance and Israel.

 Informed sources have stated that extending the truce between Israel and Hamas will allow the release of at least 20 Israeli hostages, an average of 10 per day, in addition to the 50 that were agreed upon in the truce itself.

The initial truce was to end at seven in the morning on Tuesday, and the truce during the previous four days had allowed for the release of hostages and detainees and the entry of emergency aid into the Gaza Strip

A spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry announced that an agreement had been reached to extend it for an additional two days.

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