The extinct giant species

The extinct giant species

The extinct giant species

The giant species...the extinct species
In the early nineties of the last century, I was the only doctor in the police who had a stun squad, and I was sent to (Assiut Security Teams), which periodically go out in raids in the eastern plateau to comb caves in pursuit of terrorists, especially in the (Badari) area.
It was normal for me to accompany the large expeditions that went out before dawn to reach the caves in the middle of the day and be able to return after sunset. I do not know exactly how many expeditions I participated in, but it is certainly more than a hundred.
In one of these campaigns, a soldier fell from a twelve-meter high cliff during the outbound trip, and so I descended to the edge of the mountain where he fell, using ropes. I am one of the nursing recruits, and the initial diagnosis was (a fracture of the pons in both feet and the coccyx bone). The fracture was repaired and two strong splints were made for his legs, but he It was certain that he would not be able to ascend unless he was lifted up by helicopter, and so the expedition left us and I began to move back and forth, and I, the nursing recruit, and the injured person sat waiting for the helicopter, which would not come until after the raid was complete, so as not to attract the attention of the pursued terrorists in the caves.
I noticed a hidden cave opening that led to Jebi Cave on the same cliff. Using powerful flashlights, I was able to approach and enter the cave, only to find that it expands once the opening is crossed.
And on the ground
I found (a completely eroded body of a human with the skeleton of a wolf or a giant dog next to it). What is very interesting is that the human body was approximately ten feet tall at the least. At that time, I had not read about (the Nephalem) nor the fallen angels. All I knew was (the Greek giants, the Titans) from Ovid’s book The Metamorphosis of Beings. Metamorphosis) Unfortunately, mobile phones and portable cameras were not yet known
I did not know what I could do, but I knew one thing, which was that I should not move anything so as not to spoil (the effect). When the helicopter came, I tried hard to stabilize and determine the place so that we could return to it again, my brother, but the pilot’s negligence did not allow me to do so.
When we arrived at the university hospital, I was completely occupied with the process of stabilizing the fractures, and I finished it late, so I returned to Al-Badari to await the return of the campaign. There I sat in the house of the head of Al-Badari and its mayor, to whom I told what I had seen. Then the man got up and brought me several (books) that I knew were (very old civil record books) and began to flip through them. Until he reached a specific page and pointed it to me
So I started reading the beautiful calligraphy that resembled calligraphers’ handwriting
(I, Al-Yuzbashi Reda, went with Sheikh Al-Ghafir to the house of to confirm the report that his daughter had been kidnapped from the barn located outside the roundabout.
The memoir narrates that the mother saw three giants with a wolf wearing cow skins who kidnapped her daughter and set off toward the mountain, and that the Yuzbashi learned that this was an old problem that was repeated on cold days every few years, and that these giants mostly kidnapped livestock, but from time to time they kidnapped women, and that combing the nearby caves had revealed There were signs of fire, but no sign of the kidnappers.
I saw the picture and was struck by the fact that the body looked exactly like what I saw
(I think I also watched several years ago a documentary that was hidden by the Russian KGB about the discovery of a tomb near the Step Pyramid of a mummy up to ten feet tall.)
I did not remember this incident until I reviewed my diaries for that period

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