The legend of the ghost cat

They call it the ghost cat and they call it Alien Big Cats, which is abbreviated to and the name, as you can see, sums up a lot. .

These cats appeared in more than one country. In Britain, sightings of these cats began in 1960, and evidence was found proving their existence. Although most of them appeared in western England, other sightings in various parts of Britain occurred during that period.
In Australia, the situation is different. These huge cats have been sighted for more than 100 years, but the excessive increase in these sightings occurred during World War II, and the Australians claimed after that that American pilots brought these cats with them and released them into their forests to devour their stock of livestock. The evidence for this is the flocks of sheep who woke up every morning to find them with their necks torn and their entrails eaten.
There are some unclear recordings of these cats in the forests of Australia, but most of these recordings lead people to believe that they are tigers or leopards. And if some zoologists confirm that they are not, they confirm that they are big cats, the largest cats they have ever seen in their lives.
The Australian researcher (Steve Tempe) was able to record footage of these cats and their footprints on the ground, but he was met with expected disregard, and those who were not interested in the subject decided that they were the footprints of a species of cheetah without taking the trouble to prove this.
And from Australia to Denmark, we find that there were sightings of these cats recorded in 1982, and another in 1995, where many saw what they later called (Fenon’s monster)...
And from Denmark to Germany and New Zealand, where the observations were repeated, and doubts began, ending up with deliberate forgetfulness and the inability to prove anything.
Then these cats appeared in Hawaii..
And here the phenomenon became more clear and strange. The sightings that began in 1980 continued until 2002, when the percentage of sightings increased to the point that officials asked for help from the two famous scientists (William Van Pelt) and (Stan Cunningham), who decided to try to catch these cats. They discover that she is much smarter than they expected.
These cats survived ordinary and electronic traps, infrared cameras, and various types of tricks to attract or trap them, and the two scientists ended up obtaining a lock of these cats’ hair to begin the DNA analysis, which is the analysis that produced a strange result for them, which is This hair may have been taken from a tiger, leopard, or mountain lion!
Once again, the matter ended with no evidence to confirm or deny, but the cats are still various parts of the world
They appear without explanation

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