What happens in Hitler's house in Austria?

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior announced that the house where Adolf Hitler was born, in the town of Braunau, will be converted into a police station

Austrian authorities placed the yellow-painted house in Braunau, where Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, under government control in 2016.

The legal wrangling ended only this year, when the country's highest court ruled on the compensation the Bomer family would receive.

A recent statement confirmed that “following the architectural renovation, a police station and a training center for human rights activists will be established in the building with a burdened past.”

It was decided not to turn the building into a place of memory, with the aim of preventing the house where Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and lived his early years, from becoming a center visited by the Nazis who were influenced by him, his ideas, and his life until now.
A committee of experts formed by the government in 2016 explained that the goal is “to break the worship of extremist circles towards him, in a sustainable manner.”
The idea of demolishing the house was also ruled out, as historians believe that “Austria must confront its past.”
The government has fought a long legal battle to acquire ownership of the house located in the center of Brunau am Inn in the north of the country, on the border with Germany.

The 800 square meter building will have a new roof and will undergo an expansion.

The implementation of the state-funded project has been delayed, as its cost is currently estimated at about 20 million euros, after it was initially estimated at five million.

The new occupants are scheduled to move into the building in 2026, according to the Ministry of Interior, which confirmed that it is “sticking to its project” despite the emergence of new criticism.

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