A new war crime... storming Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza by Israeli army forces

Amid international silence and complicity that seem to have become traditional...a new war crime was committed at dawn today by the Israeli army forces.

A new war crime... storming Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza by Israeli army forces

Today at dawn, Israeli army forces stormed the Al-Shifa Medical Complex in the central Gaza Strip after besieging it for more than two weeks. Since the aggression began, the Israeli government has claimed that there is a command and control center for the Palestinian resistance under the Al-Shifa Complex through tunnels beneath it, and it is likely that the prisoners who were captured on the seventh of last October are present. The resistance has denied these allegations several times and has asked international organizations to come and examine the hospital to ensure that these allegations are false. Yesterday, the White House and the Pentagon also claimed that the Palestinian resistance is storing weapons and running a command center from Al-Shifa Hospital, citing intelligence information It was considered the Palestinian resistance These American allegations are a green light from the United States for Israel to storm the hospital The Shifa Complex has been suffering from horrific conditions for days. It has run out of fuel and cut off electricity. This is in addition to the Israeli army snipers targeting everyone who comes out of it. As a result of these conditions, many patients and premature babies died due to the deterioration of health care as a result of this targeting and this siege. It is worth noting that international law prohibits exposure to hospitals and health facilities during times of war, regardless of the reason .

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