An Israeli officer exposes the occupation army: It uses weapons in Al-Maghazi camp

Days after the massacre of the Maghazi camp in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces

An Israeli officer exposes the occupation army: It uses weapons in Al-Maghazi camp

which led to the death of about 60 Palestinians and the injury of dozens, an Israeli security official acknowledged that the raids that took place by the Israeli Air Force used a weapon that he described as inappropriate, without mentioning the type. Weapon or if it is internationally prohibited.
According to what the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported, an Israeli security official whose name was not mentioned revealed that an inappropriate weapon was used in the raids that took place in the Maghazi camp, and as a result an investigation was opened into the incident, explaining that the attack in which dozens of civilians were killed led to damage. Massive damage to buildings adjacent to the target of the attack and causing harm to civilians.

It also became clear from the beginning of the investigations referred to by the security official, that the type of weapons was not compatible with the nature of the attack, which led to damage. He continued: “The matter could have been avoided if the weapons had been adapted to the attack.”
Following the attack on the Al-Maghazi Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, the World Health Organization came out conveying horrific testimonies regarding the tragic scenes that many described as the annihilation of an entire residential square, according to what was confirmed by its staff from Al-Aqsa Hospital, to which the victims of the bombing that left dozens of dead and wounded were transferred, according to what was confirmed. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, in a post on the “X” platform, formerly known as “Twitter.”

Regarding the weapons used by the occupation army, the British newspaper “The Telegraph” said that sponge bombs are one of the types of weapons used by Israel in launching its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. There are also internationally banned weapons such as white phosphorus, which is a highly flammable substance and contains Toxic gases that affect the nervous and digestive systems, according to Sky News.

Among the weapons used by Israel in the bombing were F-35 stealth aircraft, along with a devastating American-made MK-84 bomb, which is called the stupid bomb, according to “Russia Today.”

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