Bergdoktor Hiatus Sparks Outrage Among ZDF Viewers

ZDF's decision to pause 'Bergdoktor' this week has led to vocal displeasure from its loyal fanbase

Bergdoktor Hiatus Sparks Outrage Among ZDF Viewers

The third episode of "The Bergdoktor", subtitled "Guilt", delves into the revelations faced by Hans and Martin Gruber about their mother's illness. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer to discover these secrets. The scheduled broadcast on Thursday, January 18th, has been canceled. ZDF made this decision to broadcast a live sport event instead, featuring the handball match between Germany and Iceland in the Group I main round of the European Handball Championship.

ZDF’s official stance was shared on their Instagram account, stating, "We're giving up our slot tomorrow for the handball players and wish the German team the best of luck against Iceland. Our 'Guilt' episode will be aired next Thursday, but you can already watch it on ZDFmediathek."

Fan Reaction to the Postponement As expected, the announcement was met with a mix of reactions from fans. While some viewers have already turned to ZDFmediathek to catch the episode, others have voiced their frustrations. One viewer commented, "I'm probably going to be criticized for saying this, but enough is enough! Why am I paying the broadcasting fee when sports are constantly being shown. There are sports channels for this!" This sentiment was echoed by others, though some fans pointed out that sports broadcasts are not as frequent as perceived, especially during non-major tournaments.

Another fan expressed disappointment, noting, "This is really annoying. My wife and I look forward to 'The Bergdoktor' all week. We deliberately avoid watching it on ZDFmediathek because we enjoy our Thursday ritual. And now this letdown." However, there were also those who appreciated the change, with one viewer admitting, "This actually solved a dilemma for me."

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