Carey Mulligan's Transformation in 'Maestro' Sparks On-Set Confusion

Carey Mulligan has detailed just how convincing her makeup was in Maestro for scenes that required her to look older

Carey Mulligan's Transformation in 'Maestro' Sparks On-Set Confusion

Hollywood star Carey Mulligan recently shared her experience on the set of 'Maestro', highlighting the exceptional makeup artistry that led to a humorous misunderstanding. In the Netflix-streamed Leonard Bernstein biopic, Mulligan, alongside co-star and director Bradley Cooper, showcases her acting prowess.

During a recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", Mulligan discussed the impressive aging makeup used for her role. The #Saltburn actress recounted how the makeup was so realistic that it caused a mix-up with a medic on set. This anecdote underlines the film's commitment to authenticity, a trait further evidenced by its seven Oscar nominations, including one for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Bradley Cooper, transforming from a young 24-year-old to a 67-year-old Leonard Bernstein, also praised the makeup team's work. He noted the varied pace of filming depending on the age he was portraying each day.

The film, now streaming on Netflix, has garnered attention not only for its stellar performances but also for its sensitive handling of historical figures. Despite initial controversy over a prosthetic nose worn by Cooper, the film has received critical acclaim, particularly for its acting and makeup.

This captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse into 'Maestro' highlights the importance of makeup in storytelling and the film's overall success. For more insights into the movie, check out our exclusive interview with Carey Mulligan and explore our deep dive into the art of cinematic makeup. Stay updated on 'Maestro' and its journey through the awards season by following our coverage [#MaestroFilm].

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