Celebrating Inclusion on International Women's Day 2024 at UCB

On International Women's Day 2024, UCB champions the Inspire Inclusion initiative, focusing on the inclusion of pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical trials for a healthier tomorrow.

Celebrating Inclusion on International Women's Day 2024 at UCB
  • Introduction

    • Overview of International Women's Day and its significance.
    • Introduction to the theme "Inspire Inclusion" and its relevance to UCB's mission.
  • The Importance of Inclusion in Clinical Trials

    • Discussing the underrepresentation of pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical trials.
    • The impact of this gap on women's health.
  • UCB's Commitment to Women's Health

    • Overview of UCB's efforts to close the pregnancy gap in clinical trials.
    • Collaborations and initiatives led by UCB to advance care for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Advocacy and Progress

    • Highlights from Marie Teil's advocacy efforts on behalf of UCB.
    • Feedback provided at the FDA’s proposed Pregnancy Safety Study Framework workshop.
  • Personal Insights from Marie Teil

    • Marie's motivation and goals as UCB’s Global Head of Women of Childbearing Age.
    • The importance of informed treatment decisions for women.
  • Looking Ahead

    • Upcoming presentations and reports in 2024.
    • The future of women's health research and advocacy at UCB.
  • Conclusion

    • Recap of UCB's dedication to inspiring inclusion.
    • How individuals can follow and support UCB's initiatives.
  • FAQs

    • Address common questions related to women's inclusion in clinical trials and UCB's role.
  • Call to Action

    • Encouraging readers to engage with UCB's efforts and follow updates on social media.

Celebrating Inclusion on International Women's Day 2024 at UCB

On March 8th, International Women's Day (IWD) embodies a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year, under the banner of "Inspire Inclusion," UCB commits to spotlighting a critical area often overlooked: the inclusion of pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical trials. This focus underscores the vital need for comprehensive health solutions that cater to all women, particularly those with chronic diseases during pregnancy and lactation periods.

The absence of pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical research is not just a gap—it's a significant barrier to understanding how treatments affect this demographic, potentially leaving a substantial portion of the population at risk. UCB, driven by a mission to bridge this divide, is at the forefront of championing advancements in care for these women, aiming to eliminate disparities and promote inclusivity in health research and treatment options.

Marie Teil, spearheading this initiative as UCB’s Global Head of Women of Childbearing Age, embodies the passion and dedication necessary for this undertaking. Her efforts, from influencing industry standards at medical congresses to engaging in vital discussions at the FDA’s Pregnancy Safety Study Framework workshop, have positioned UCB as a leader in advocating for a future where women, regardless of their reproductive status, have access to informed, safe, and effective health care choices.

As we look forward to the future, with initiatives like BRIDGE aiming to close the knowledge gaps that persist in women's health, UCB's commitment to inspiring inclusion resonates more profoundly than ever. This International Women's Day, let us all rally behind the call to "Inspire Inclusion," ensuring that every woman, at every stage of life, receives the care and understanding she deserves.

Join us in this journey towards a more inclusive future in health care. Follow Marie Teil and UCB's updates on LinkedIn and other social platforms to stay informed and engaged with the progress being made in women's health research and advocacy.


Q: Why is the inclusion of pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical trials important? A: Including pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical trials ensures that medical treatments are safe, effective, and tailored to meet their specific health needs, leading to better health outcomes for both mothers and children.

Q: How is UCB addressing the gap in clinical trials for pregnant and breastfeeding women? A: UCB is actively working to close the gap through research initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy efforts aimed at enhancing the understanding and care of pregnant and breastfeeding women with chronic diseases.


:** What can I do to support the inclusion of women in clinical research? A: Stay informed about the issue, support organizations and initiatives that promote inclusivity in clinical research, and advocate for policies that ensure women's health needs are comprehensively addressed.

Call to Action

We invite you to be part of the change. By staying informed and engaged, you can play a crucial role in advancing health care inclusivity. Follow our journey towards creating a future where every woman has the knowledge and power to make informed health decisions. Together, we can #InspireInclusion and make a lasting impact on women's health. Join us on our social channels and Marie Teil on LinkedIn for the latest updates and ways to contribute to this vital cause.

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