5% Workforce Reduction and Cancels 'Star Wars' Game

Electronic Arts Announces 5% Workforce Reduction and Cancels 'Star Wars' Game Amid Industry Downsizing

5% Workforce Reduction and Cancels 'Star Wars' Game

Electronic Arts Announces Significant Workforce Reduction and the Cancellation of a 'Star Wars' Project

Electronic Arts (EA), the powerhouse behind blockbuster titles such as Madden NFL and Apex Legends, has recently announced a significant downsizing effort that will see five percent of its workforce laid off. This move is part of a wider trend in the gaming and technology sectors, which have experienced a series of layoffs affecting thousands of jobs.

In a bid to streamline operations and realign with its strategic priorities and growth initiatives, EA disclosed in a securities filing on Tuesday that it will not only reduce its workforce but also decrease its office space footprint. This announcement follows a year in which the gaming giant reduced its employee base by 800, amidst a backdrop of similar cuts by other industry leaders such as Epic Games, Tencent's Riot Games, and Microsoft's gaming divisions, including Activision Blizzard and Xbox.

As of its last annual report, EA boasted a workforce of 13,400, implying that the current layoffs will affect approximately 600 employees. Alongside the workforce reduction, EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, has communicated to staff the company's plans to sunset certain live service titles and halt the development of specific projects, including an anticipated 'Star Wars' game.

In a company-wide letter, Wilson emphasized EA's shift towards delivering "deeper, more connected experiences" by focusing on owned IP, sports titles, and massive online communities, stepping away from future licensed IP projects deemed unfit for the changing landscape of the industry.

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EA's pivot away from certain licensed IPs, including the aforementioned 'Star Wars' first-person shooter by Respawn, marks a significant shift in strategy. Laura Miele, EA Entertainment president, expressed the difficulty of abandoning such projects, emphasizing that the decision reflects a strategic realignment rather than a critique of the team's capabilities or dedication.

Despite the shelving of some projects, EA remains committed to its upcoming licensed ventures, including Motive's Iron Man and Cliffhanger's Black Panther, both of which are confirmed to be in development.

The industry watches as EA navigates through these changes, aiming to complete the restructuring by the early next quarter. This move signals a pivotal moment for the company as it seeks to adapt to an evolving gaming landscape, prioritizing innovation, community-building, and the cultivation of fandoms through its proprietary and sports-related IPs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What led to the layoffs at Electronic Arts? EA is undergoing a strategic restructuring to focus on its growth initiatives and strategic priorities, which has necessitated a workforce reduction.

  • How many employees are affected by EA's layoffs? Approximately 600 employees, or five percent of EA's workforce, are facing layoffs as part of the company's restructuring efforts.

  • Which EA projects have been canceled or sunsetted? EA has decided to discontinue development on certain projects, including a highly anticipated 'Star Wars' game by Respawn, as part of its strategic realignment.

  • What is EA's focus following the restructuring? EA aims to concentrate on delivering deeper, more connected gaming experiences, focusing on owned IPs, sports titles, and large online communities.

  • Are there any major EA licensed projects still in development? Yes, EA has confirmed that projects like Motive's Iron Man and Cliffhanger's Black Panther are still in development.

  • How is EA supporting affected employees? EA is committed to providing opportunities for affected employees to transition to new roles or projects. For those where this isn't possible, EA promises to offer support with the utmost care and respect.


Electronic Arts (EA) is set to lay off 5% of its workforce and halt the development of several games, including a 'Star Wars' project, as part of a broader restructuring effort. This move reflects the ongoing trend of downsizing in the tech and gaming sectors. CEO Andrew Wilson outlines the company's strategic shift towards focusing on owned IP and massive online communities, aiming for more streamlined operations and deeper, more connected player experiences.

EA plans layoffs and game cancellations, including a 'Star Wars' title, amidst industry-wide downsizing. The company focuses on strategic priorities, emphasizing owned IP and online communities.


Electronic Arts' recent announcement of workforce reductions and project cancellations marks a significant shift in the company's strategy, reflecting broader trends in the gaming and tech industries. As EA refocuses on its core strengths and strategic priorities, the gaming community eagerly awaits the new directions and innovations that will emerge from this period of change. Stay updated on all developments in the gaming world with Kiksee Magazine, your go-to source for gaming news and insights.

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