Giovanni Pernice Responds to Claims by Strictly Co-Stars

Giovanni Pernice breaks his silence after a fourth "Strictly Come Dancing" star reportedly issues a claim against him, amidst support from colleagues and fans

Giovanni Pernice Responds to Claims by Strictly Co-Stars


Giovanni Pernice, a distinguished professional dancer known for his appearances on "Strictly Come Dancing," has recently been the subject of claims by a fourth participant from the BBC show. This development follows previous allegations regarding his intense approach during rehearsals and performances. In light of these claims, Pernice has made a public statement, shedding light on his perspective and garnering support from fellow stars, including Anton Du Beke.

Giovanni Pernice's Statement

After reports surfaced about difficulties faced by some co-stars, Pernice addressed the allegations head-on. He emphasized his dedication and professional approach to dancing, aiming to bring out the best in his partners. In a heartfelt statement shared on social media, alongside a supportive message from Anton Du Beke, Pernice expressed his commitment to excellence in dance, highlighting the collaborative effort behind each performance.

Support from Anton Du Beke and Others

Anton Du Beke, a judge on "Strictly Come Dancing," publicly backed Pernice, commending his dedication to the craft. Their bond, showcased through social media interactions and public statements, serves as a testament to the solidarity among the show's professionals. Furthermore, former partners, including Rose Ayling-Ellis and Michelle Visage, have echoed this sentiment, praising Pernice's rigorous training methods and his drive for perfection.

The Perspective of Past Partners

Amanda Abbington, Pernice's partner in the latest series, left the competition citing health reasons. Subsequent discussions and meetings with other former partners like Ranvir Singh, Laura Whitmore, and Faye Tozer have brought attention to the challenges faced during their respective partnerships with Pernice. While opinions vary, the conversations have sparked a broader dialogue on the pressures associated with high-stakes dance competitions.

Looking Ahead: Giovanni's Future on "Strictly"

As discussions about Pernice's future on "Strictly Come Dancing" continue, the BBC has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the professional lineup for the upcoming season. Despite the controversies, Pernice remains a celebrated figure within the dance community, known for his talent and commitment to his art.


  • What are the claims against Giovanni Pernice? Claims against Giovanni Pernice revolve around his intense approach and working style with partners on "Strictly Come Dancing."

  • Has Giovanni Pernice responded to the allegations? Yes, Giovanni Pernice has publicly addressed the allegations, emphasizing his dedication to dance and the well-being of his partners.

  • Who has supported Giovanni amidst these claims? Several colleagues, including Anton Du Beke, Rose Ayling-Ellis, and Michelle Visage, have shown their support for Giovanni.

  • Will Giovanni Pernice return to "Strictly Come Dancing"? The BBC has not yet confirmed the professional dancer lineup for the next season, leaving Giovanni's participation uncertain.

Closing Thoughts

The claims against Giovanni Pernice highlight the complexities of professional dance and the intense environment of competitive shows like "Strictly Come Dancing." As the dance community and fans await further updates, the support from fellow stars underscores the respect Pernice commands within the industry. Regardless of the outcome, this situation serves as a reminder of the passion and dedication that drive the world of professional dancing.

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