Golden Bachelor Split: Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Divorce After 3 Months

Golden Bachelor stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announce their divorce just three months following their TV wedding

Golden Bachelor Split: Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Divorce After 3 Months
  1. Introduction

    • Overview of the divorce announcement of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.
    • Brief mention of their wedding and how they met.
  2. The Announcement

    • Details from Gerry Turner’s announcement on "Good Morning America."
    • Theresa Nist’s comments and reflections on their short-lived marriage.
  3. Background of Their Relationship

    • Recap of their meeting and romance during "The Golden Bachelor."
    • The public and personal expectations of their marriage.
  4. Challenges Leading to Divorce

    • Insight into the logistical challenges they faced, such as deciding where to live.
    • Emotional aspects and the pressures of a public relationship.
  5. Public Reaction and Support

    • Public and fan reactions to the news of their divorce.
    • Statements from both about the impact of public support on their decision.
  6. What’s Next for Gerry and Theresa

    • Future plans for both individuals post-divorce.
    • Final thoughts from the couple on their relationship and each other.
  7. FAQs

    • Address common questions about their relationship, the show, and future prospects.
  8. Conclusion

    • Summarize their journey and what this means for "The Golden Bachelor" series.



Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, the celebrated couple from ABC's "The Golden Bachelor," have announced their divorce merely three months after their widely-viewed televised wedding. This news comes as a shock to fans who had followed their love story from the show's premiere last fall.

The Announcement

On "Good Morning America," Gerry Turner, aged 72, shared heartfelt details about the couple's mutual decision to part ways. "After many heart-to-heart conversations, we’ve realized that it’s best for us to dissolve our marriage," he stated. Theresa Nist, 70, expressed gratitude towards their supporters, emphasizing the hope their love story brought to many.

Background of Their Relationship

Gerry and Theresa met and fell in love on the first season of "The Golden Bachelor," a reality show designed to help seniors find love again. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to a January wedding that was both celebrated and scrutinized due to their swift engagement.

Challenges Leading to Divorce

The couple faced several challenges, notably deciding on a place to settle down. While they considered various locations including South Carolina and New Jersey, they never finalized their living arrangements, which added strain to their relationship.

Public Reaction and Support

The announcement of their divorce was met with mixed reactions from the public. Fans who had championed their fairy tale romance expressed disappointment, yet many also extended their support during this difficult time.

What’s Next for Gerry and Theresa

Despite the end of their marriage, both Gerry and Theresa spoke fondly of each other and their time together. Gerry confirmed his ongoing love for Theresa, stating, "I still am in love with her and root for her every day."


  • What led to Gerry and Theresa’s divorce? While they did not disclose specific reasons, they hinted at logistical and emotional challenges.
  • Will they remain in the public eye? Both have expressed a desire to maintain some privacy as they navigate their post-divorce lives.


Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's brief marriage will remain a poignant chapter in the saga of "The Golden Bachelor." As they move forward separately, their story continues to resonate with viewers, offering both a narrative of love found and lost and the complexities of relationships under the public eye.

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