Harry Clark Claims Victory in BBC's 'The Traitors' Finale

This article reveals the outcome of the second series of The Traitors.

Harry Clark Claims Victory in BBC's 'The Traitors' Finale


In an exciting conclusion to the second series of the BBC's hit reality show 'The Traitors', Harry Clark emerged as the winner, taking home the impressive prize money of £95,150. The gripping finale saw him and fellow contestant Mollie Pearce as the last players standing, after a strategic vote eliminated Jaz Singh.

Harry Clark, a British army engineer, expressed his overwhelming emotions, stating, "My legs are shaking. I just won £95,000." His successful strategy of remaining under the radar as a traitor from the first episode paid off, leading to his ultimate victory.

Mollie Pearce, who formed a close bond with Harry during the series, experienced a moment of shock and betrayal upon learning of Harry's true role. Despite her initial decision to vote out Harry, she changed her vote, which unfortunately cost her a share of the prize money.

This series of 'The Traitors', hosted by Claudia Winkleman and filmed in the scenic Ardross Castle in Scotland, has been a massive success for the BBC, with several episodes attracting over six million viewers, including catch-up audiences.

The show's format, where traitors secretly eliminate competitors each night, captivated audiences over 12 episodes. Viewers were engrossed as the 'faithfuls' tried to identify the traitors among them, with the prize money at stake.

Social media reactions to the finale have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising the dramatic showdown and the production quality of the show. The success of the British version, which featured regular people instead of celebrities, was particularly lauded for its authenticity and relatability.

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