MurderOnTheDancefloor: The Latest Viral Trend on TikTok

A new viral trend has taken over TikTok, aptly named #MurderOnTheDancefloor. Young users are showcasing their dance moves against the backdrop of opulent mansions

MurderOnTheDancefloor: The Latest Viral Trend on TikTok

grooving to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's hit song "It's Murder on the Dancefloor". This trend is inspired by Barry Keoghan's performance in the film "Saltburn".

Celebrities Join the Trend

Sophie Ellis-Bextor herself joined in, recreating Barry Keoghan's dance from the movie on TikTok. Socialite and celebrity Paris Hilton also hopped onto this trend in a video related to her secret pregnancy news. Collectively, posts under the hashtag #MurderOnTheDancefloor have amassed over 40 million views on the app. Discover more about this trend by visiting TikTok's official page.

The Satirical Edge of "Saltburn"

However, many users point out that these viral videos miss the essence of "Saltburn" – a satirical film mocking the life of British aristocracy. Barry Keoghan, known for his roles in "The Banshees of Inisherin" and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer", stars as Oliver, a modest Oxford student spending the summer at the luxurious Saltburn estate.

Oliver connects with Felix, the estate's owner and the most popular boy at the university, portrayed by Jacob Elordi. Keoghan, an Irish actor with a challenging childhood, superbly fits into his role, contrasting sharply with the world of aristocracy.

The Eccentric World of "Saltburn"

The film features Felix's unusual family, including a father who refuses to age (Richard E. Grant), a vain, glamorous mother (Rosamund Pike), and a sister with eating disorders (Alison Oliver), among other quirky characters. The film asks if its main character can survive a summer in such company, turning seemingly attractive holidays into something more sinister.

In a memorable scene, Oliver dances in the mansion to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "It's Murder on the Dancefloor", a song that has regained popularity 20 years after its release.

Director Emerald Fennell's Vision

Director Emerald Fennell, who grew up in a wealthy family, aimed to empathize with "...people we can't stand, people who disgust us" in her film, while exploring the allure of their apparent cruelty, injustice, and eccentricity. Learn more about Emerald Fennell and her works on IMDb.

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