Ron DeSantis Bows Out of 2024 Presidential Race, Endorses Trump

Mr DeSantis was once considered a strong contender for the party's nomination - but on Sunday he said he did not "have a clear path to victory".

Ron DeSantis Bows Out of 2024 Presidential Race, Endorses Trump

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, throwing his support behind former President Donald Trump. This strategic move comes just before the pivotal Republican primary election in New Hampshire, where DeSantis was trailing in the polls.

DeSantis, once perceived as a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination, conceded on Sunday that he lacked a viable route to victory. His decision to endorse Trump, who has emerged as the Republican frontrunner, marks a significant shift in the party's dynamics leading up to the New Hampshire primaries.

Nikki Haley, Trump's sole remaining competitor, remains steadfast in her campaign, asserting her capability to defeat current President Joe Biden. Haley, gearing up for a direct contest with Trump in New Hampshire, is positioning herself as a critical figure in these state-by-state battles for the Republican nomination.

In a video message released on X platform, DeSantis reflected on his campaign efforts and his decision to support Trump, who won the Iowa caucuses with a commanding 51% of the vote. Despite past disagreements, DeSantis praised Trump's leadership, contrasting it with Biden's tenure.

Trump's response to DeSantis's endorsement, delivered to an enthusiastic crowd in New Hampshire, was warmly receptive. He commended DeSantis for his campaign efforts, describing him as a "really terrific person."

DeSantis's campaign strategy was to champion Trump's populist agenda without the associated controversies. However, this approach received mixed reactions from Republican voters and figures, as evidenced by comments from Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and Trump supporters.

The focus now shifts to the ongoing Republican primaries, with Trump and Haley as the key contenders. This development has sparked renewed interest in the race, as the party seeks to unify behind a strong candidate to challenge Biden in the November general election.

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