Unveiling the Sleeping Tenth Man Theory nsights and Implications

intriguing Sleeping Tenth Man Theory and its profound implications on group dynamics and decision-making processes

Unveiling the Sleeping Tenth Man Theory nsights and Implications

This film, released in 2013, is directed by Marc Forster and stars the great international star Brad Pitt. We here will not analyze the film even though it deserves to do so, but what interests us here are the scenes in the film that talk about the Israeli theory of the tenth man , because of which in the events of the film they built fortifications against... The zombies, as a precaution, when they received unconfirmed information about this epidemic, despite the fact that for reasons related to the plot of the film, the zombies were able to penetrate these fortifications and devour the Arabs and the Hebrews together, but presenting this theory mainly in this film came to polish the Hebrew genius.

This theory was not invented by the film makers, but rather a theory that was widely adopted by the geniuses in the Hebrew state after the 1973 war, which they declared to everyone that it was an exception in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A month after the defeat in the Yom Kippur War, they formed a committee to find out the reasons for this humiliating defeat. It was called the Agrnat Committee, and this committee recommended the genius theory that when ten people meet to discuss a fateful matter related to Israel, if nine people agree on the same decision, the tenth person among them will object and adopt the devil’s advocate look. He adopts a backup plan, and this plan is ready to be implemented next to the original plan. In this infernal way, no one can ever defeat the Israelis, even if it is natural.

But it seems that on October 7, 2023, the tenth person was asleep or busy with something, so he forgot to warn them of the resistance attack that killed hundreds of them, or the theory suffered a malfunction like what befalls the invincible Iron Dome

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