Terrifying revenue for a horror movie“The Boogeyman”

The film tells the story of the Harper family, Sadie and Sawyer, and Psychotherapist father, Will as they struggle to come to terms with their dying mother

Terrifying revenue for a horror movie“The Boogeyman”

who suddenly dies in a car accident. Sawyer suffers nightmares, father Will buries himself in work to forget what happened to them, and Sadie struggles to return to school as her friend Bethany joins a new group of girls who treat Sadie with contempt and disdain.


One day, Will was visited by a man named Lester Billings and asked to speak to him. Lister explains that his three children are dead, all killed one by one by a mysterious ghost.


And the events of the film are completed in a framework of horror and mystery, in a period ranging between 99 minutes, which is the duration of the film.

The film is produced by 20th Century Studios, directed by Rob Savage, and written by Scott Peck and Brian Woods.

Based on the famous horror writer Stephen King's novel of the same name

The budget of the film was 35 million dollars, and revenues exceeded 20 million dollars so far.

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