The Israeli occupation army besieged the house of Commander Yahya Al-Sinwar

New details of the Israeli occupation army’s besiegement of Yahya Sinwar’s house...and criticism of Netanyahu

The Israeli occupation army besieged the house of Commander Yahya Al-Sinwar

Today, Israeli occupation army spokesman Daniel Hajari commented on Netanyahu’s statements, saying: “Sinwar is underground in the tunnels, and our mission is to reach him and kill him as quickly as possible.” The Israeli occupation army announced that it had targeted 250 areas in Gaza during the past 24 hours, discovering and destroying weapons, tunnel entrances, explosive devices and many other infrastructures. The forces also shot down a fighter plane and destroyed two launch pads from which militants carried out bombings in the center of the country yesterday, Tuesday.
The Hebrew Channel 12 broadcast a report stating that Sinwar is in the tunnels and moving skillfully in them, directing strong criticism at Netanyahu’s statements about being around Sinwar’s house in Gaza, because these are words full of nonsense, as Sinwar is not naive to remain in his home, as he will not wait for the Israeli occupation army in his home, and these statements Just arrogance from Netanyahu, and everyone knows that Sinwar's old house was demolished and he currently lives in a new house that no one knows about. A few days ago, the French government announced that Yahya Al-Sinwar’s assets had been frozen in the country, and the French Minister of Economy announced last week the sanctions against Al-Sinwar and they entered into force today.
Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, on Wednesday evening, that the occupation army is besieging the house of leader Yahya Ibrahim Al-Sinwar, which is located in the Khan Yunis area in the southern Gaza Strip.

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