The occupation explodes a loud surprise regarding Israel's first demand

As the war in Gaza enters its 82nd day, the Israeli occupation state is trying to control what is being circulated about its intelligence failure and its failure to reach the leader of Hamas

The occupation explodes a loud surprise regarding Israel's first demand

Yahya Al-Sinwar, especially after Israeli media reported that Al-Sinwar twice escaped arrest at the hands of the Israeli occupation army in Last moments.
Days after the spread of this information related to the inability to reach the location of “Al-Sinwar,” a security source came out, claiming that the occupation army has information about the location of the head of the “Hamas” movement in the Gaza Strip, continuing in a report by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Makan” that there are searches. Intensive underground operations by the 98th Division in Khan Yunis and that the forces are close to reaching him after cordoning off the area where he is hiding.
The Hebrew-language newspaper The Times of Israel had previously said that it had discovered tunnels in Gaza in which Yahya Sinwar was believed to be hiding, noting that the intelligence collected by the occupation army during its pursuit of him indicated that he was constantly moving and never staying in one place. One for a long time.
According to the belief of the Hebrew newspapers, “Al-Sinwar” is hiding in Khan Yunis, but the occupation army, in a strange incident, announced on December 6 of this year, that it had surrounded Al-Sinwar’s house in Khan Yunis, despite there being no signs of his presence there.
Although the location of “Al-Sinwar” was not mentioned by the Israeli occupation state, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Makan” claimed that Yahya Al-Sinwar had two choices: between waiting for the occupation army to besiege his hideout and his colleagues underground, and then starting negotiations with Israel while using the Israeli detainees as human shields. Then he demands that an exit corridor be secured for him and the rest of his officials. The second option is to wait for Hamas to surrender, after the occupation forces complete the mission of completely encircling the city of Khan Yunis.

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