The occupation forces continue their policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in the West Bank

The Israeli occupation authorities continued the policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, a continuation of their ongoing violations since last October 7 against the backdrop of Operation “Iron Swords” launched by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, against the Gaza Strip

The occupation forces continue their policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in the West Bank

in response to the “Al-Aqsa Flood” and the accompanying demolition of homes. And raids and arrest campaigns in the governorates and cities of the occupied West Bank.
This morning, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a two-story house in the town of Bani Naim, east of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, according to what the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, reported.
At dawn today, Israeli artillery shelling targeted several villages in southern Lebanon, amid information about rockets being fired towards some Israeli sites in the western sector, while the Israeli newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” indicated that sirens had been sounded in Maalot-Tarshiha and Kfar Vardim, according to what the network reported. «Russia Today» Russian news.
Later, the Israeli occupation army claimed that 8 missiles were intercepted, launched from Lebanon towards the Western Galilee region, and that two missiles landed in an uninhabited area.
Earlier, the Israeli occupation army announced that its death toll had risen to 430 since last October 7, while the dead since the start of the ground operation in Gaza on October 27 last reached 120 soldiers.
For its part, Reuters news agency quoted diplomats as saying that the United Nations General Assembly is likely to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, on a draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in Gaza.
Earlier, the British magazine “The Economist” said, citing sources, that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken informally informed the Israeli side during his recent visit of the necessity of ending military operations in the Gaza Strip before the new year 2024.
  In turn, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will arrive in Israel between next Thursday or Friday on a visit, the first since the outbreak of Operation “Iron Swords,” and will meet with senior officials in Israel and discuss with them, among other matters, the increase in humanitarian aid that Gaza intervention.
An opinion poll conducted by YouGov Research and the American CBS News network showed that the majority of Americans do not agree with Biden’s handling of the “Iron Swords” operation launched by the Israeli occupation government against the Gaza Strip. The poll revealed that 61% of Americans are dissatisfied with the US President's approach to the Middle East, while 39% agreed with this approach.
At the “Doha Forum 21”, Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham threatened the United Nations with greater problems with his country because of its criticism of Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians, and said that he fully supports the steps of US President Joe Biden regarding the confrontation in Gaza.
On the other hand, US Senator Bernie Sanders, via his former Twitter account, expressed his dissatisfaction with Washington’s use of its veto in the UN Security Council to prevent a UN resolution on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip while it faces... Civilians are in horrific conditions.
Earlier, 10 female volunteers from the medical field left from the Emirates, heading to Gaza to join the integrated field hospital that Abu Dhabi established inside the Strip.

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