Theodor Herzl... founder of the Jewish state

Herzl aspired to follow in the footsteps of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the creator of the Suez Canal, but he failed and this passion eventually

Many do not know where and how the State of Israel came from, especially this new generation that came between complete silence and bloody conflict since the year 1948. So who was the mastermind behind all of this and who had this idea... All of this we will know and we will reveal. A secret of the most mysterious groups in history
So who is Theodor Herzl?
He is an Austro-Hungarian writer, playwright, and political activist, and is considered the founder of modern political Zionism.
Nicknamed “The Vision of the State” in Hebrew, they were born on May 3, 1860
He encouraged Jews to immigrate to Palestine, seeking to form a Jewish state. Despite his repeated failure to establish it and his death before its establishment, he is known as the father of the State of Israel, as he inspired the Jews to establish their state.
While Herzl was specifically mentioned in the Declaration of the Establishment of Israel and is officially known as the “spiritual father of the Jewish state,” that is, the “visionary” who gave a concrete and practical program and framework for political Zionism. Theodor Herzl was born in Dohany Utka in Hungary, a street in the Jewish quarter of The embrace of a secular Jewish family.
His father's family was originally from Serbia. He was the second son of Janet and Jacob Herzl, who were German-speaking Jews. It is believed that Herzl was of Ashkenazi and Sephardi lineage.

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