Ukrainian Air Force Mourns the Loss of Young MiG-29 Pilot Vladyslav Zalistovskyy

In a tragic development in the ongoing conflict, 23-year-old Vladyslav Zalistovskyy, a pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force's 114th Tactical Aviation Brigade, tragically lost his life. Known by his call sign "Blue Helmet

Ukrainian Air Force Mourns the Loss of Young MiG-29 Pilot Vladyslav Zalistovskyy

" Zalistovskyy's passing was confirmed by a fellow serviceman. This somber news highlights the continuing human cost of the conflict. For more on the situation in Ukraine, visit BBC News' Ukraine coverage.

Vladyslav Zalistovskyy: A Brief But Heroic Career

Hailing from Malyn in the Zhytomyr region, Vladyslav was a graduate of the Kharkiv National University of Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub, completing his studies in 2021. As a pilot, he bravely operated the MiG-29 fighter jet, undertaking numerous combat missions despite his young age. Learn more about the MiG-29 and its role in the Ukrainian Air Force on

Tributes to a Fallen Hero

A heartfelt tribute was paid by Air Fighter on Instagram, remembering Vladyslav not just as a pilot, but as a reliable comrade, friend, son, and a bright individual. His colleague reflected on Vladyslav's unwavering support both in military endeavors and in life. Such personal accounts offer a glimpse into the character and courage of those serving in conflict zones.

Vladyslav's girlfriend, Yevheniia Nesterenko, also shared an emotional message on Instagram, expressing her grief over the loss of someone who passionately loved his job, life, and the sky. She lamented the cruel twist of fate that took him so young, forever enshrining him in her heart as the best person in the world.

Honoring the Brave

Vladyslav Zalistovskyy's sacrifice, at only 23 years of age, underscores the profound impact of the conflict on individual lives and families. His dedication to defending his nation's skies is a testament to his bravery and commitment.

Join the conversation and honor his memory using the hashtags #VladyslavZalistovskyy and #HeroesOfUkraine. For ongoing updates and stories of bravery from the conflict, keep an eye on Ukraine's Ministry of Defence news.

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