Weekly R&B Hip-Hop Roundup: Kendrick Lamar Leads with Controversial Verse

this week's top R&B and hip-hop tracks, featuring Kendrick Lamar's bold verse, Tyla's debut, and more emerging talents

Weekly R&B Hip-Hop Roundup: Kendrick Lamar Leads with Controversial Verse
  1. Introduction

    • Overview of the week's highlights in R&B and hip-hop.
    • Mention of Kendrick Lamar's impactful verse.
  2. Kendrick Lamar's Culture-Rocking Verse

    • Details on Kendrick's verse in "Like That" and its implications.
  3. Tyla's Amapiano Crossover Sensation

    • Introduction to Tyla and her debut album.
  4. Spotlight on Emerging Talents

    • Insights into new releases from Josh X, Bairi, and others.
  5. Noteworthy Collaborations

    • Exploration of collaborations, including Tyla featuring Gunna & Skillibeng.
  6. Big Sean's Return with "Precision"

    • Analysis of Big Sean's latest single and its significance.
  7. SiR's "Brighter" - A Beacon of Hope

    • Review of SiR's album closer from "Heavy."
  8. Forest Claudette's "Gold" - A Glimpse into the Jupiter EP

    • Preview of Forest Claudette's upcoming EP and its lead single.
  9. Bairi's "Come My Way" - The Sultry Standout

    • Introduction to Bairi and her enticing new track.
  10. Conclusion

    • Recap of the week's standout moments and what to look forward to.
  11. FAQs

    • Addressing common questions about the featured artists and their releases.


This week's R&B and hip-hop landscape was electrified by Kendrick Lamar's controversial verse, setting the internet ablaze. Alongside Kendrick's buzzworthy contribution, emerging talents like Tyla, Josh X, and Bairi also made their mark with new releases, painting a vibrant picture of the genre's current state.

Kendrick Lamar's Culture-Rocking Verse

On "Like That," Kendrick Lamar delivered a verse that resonated deeply within the hip-hop community, targeting Drake and J. Cole while shaking up the genre's status quo. His words not only reignited old rivalries but also highlighted his unmatched lyrical prowess, ensuring that this track will be talked about for weeks to come.

Tyla's Amapiano Crossover Sensation

Tyla, the amapiano crossover sensation, dazzled fans with her debut album, showcasing a blend of R&B, dancehall, and Afropop. Her single "Jump," featuring Gunna and Skillibeng, stands out as a testament to her versatile artistry and international appeal.

Spotlight on Emerging Talents

The spotlight also shone brightly on emerging talents like Josh X and Bairi, each bringing their unique sound to the forefront. Josh X's soulful melodies and Bairi's seductive vocals are indicative of the rich diversity within the R&B and hip-hop genres.

Noteworthy Collaborations

This week also saw notable collaborations, with Tyla's "Jump" being a prime example. The track's seamless integration of genres and artists underscores the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in music.

Big Sean's Return with "Precision"

Big Sean made a triumphant return with "Precision," reminding fans of his lyrical agility and flow. Despite being overshadowed by Kendrick's verse, Sean's single signals a strong comeback, promising more to come from the Detroit rapper.

SiR's "Brighter" - A Beacon of Hope

SiR closed his album "Heavy" with "Brighter," a track that encapsulates the journey through darkness towards hope. It's a powerful message of perseverance and faith, resonating with many in these trying times.

Forest Claudette's "Gold" - A Glimpse into the Jupiter EP

Forest Claudette's "Gold" offers a sneak peek into the upcoming "Jupiter" EP. The track's introspective lyrics and haunting melodies showcase Claudette's unique take on alternative R&B.

Bairi's "Come My Way" - The Sultry Standout

Bairi's "Come My Way" captivates with its smooth vocals and seductive lyrics. As a newcomer, Bairi demonstrates her potential to make a lasting impact on the R&B scene.


This week in R&B and hip-hop was marked by memorable moments and emerging talents stepping into the spotlight. With Kendrick Lamar's verse leading the charge, the genres continue to evolve, promising an exciting future for fans and artists alike.


  • What makes Kendrick Lamar's verse in "Like That" so controversial? Kendrick's direct shots at contemporaries and the boldness of his lyrics have sparked discussions and debates across the music world.

  • Who is Tyla, and why is her debut significant? Tyla is an emerging artist whose debut album blends various genres, marking her as a significant new talent in the international music scene.

  • Can we expect more releases from Big Sean soon? Given the strong reception to "Precision," it's likely that Big Sean will continue to release new music, building on his current momentum.

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