What is happening inside Israel?.. The “Al-Aqsa flood” is drowning Netanyahu’s popularity

The government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost the trust of his people, and the Israeli interior is suffering from division due to their exposure over the course of 3 years to 3 disasters

What is happening inside Israel?.. The “Al-Aqsa flood” is drowning Netanyahu’s popularity

threaten their democracy and security. Some experts and the Likud Party have warned of the possibility of a civil war, and the weakening of Israel due to the Netanyahu government’s fear of... Their personal interests. Netanyahu and the Corruption Case Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was accused of fraud, breach of trust, and accepting bribes in three separate scandals in September 2019, involving powerful media moguls and wealthy associates, and the trial began in May 2020. The corruption charges were also at the heart of a protracted political crisis that pushed Israelis into boxes. Voting five times in less than four years, each vote was a referendum on Netanyahu's fitness to rule. After losing power in 2021, Netanyahu returned as prime minister in November 2022, despite his legal problems, but under Israeli law, the prime minister does not have the obligation to step down during the trial, according to what was reported by the Associated Press. Judicial amendments approved by the Netanyahu government. Netanyahu’s extremist government, which is considered the most extreme in Israel’s 75-year history, expressed its desire to make amendments to the judicial authorities, especially the Supreme Court, at the beginning of this year, specifically on January 4, 2023, which led to a division in Inside Israel, these amendments restrict the powers of the Supreme Court, which is an unprecedented government program that seeks to crush the judiciary and end restrictions imposed on the decisions of politicians, quoted by the “Times of Israel.” An opinion poll was conducted showing that 66% of Israelis believe that the court should continue to have the power to nullify any law, if it conflicts with the basic laws, which are the alternative to the constitution, as Israel does not have a constitution yet, according to the Institute for Democracy in Israel. Citizens protested in the streets weekly, in huge numbers, with Israeli media quoting estimates that the number of demonstrators reached more than 600,000, after their fears of the collapse of “democracy” were confirmed after the dismissal of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant due to his rejection of judicial amendments, and many fear that Netanyahu and the government will reduce... Extremist right-wing independence of the judiciary, with the consequent diplomatic and economic consequences, abuse of power, and citizens’ fear that these amendments may affect the integrity of Netanyahu’s trial, quoted by the “Times of Israel.” National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the possibility of dissolving the government if the judicial amendments were retracted, especially after Justice Minister Yariv Levin threatened to resign in the event of a reversal, which made officials in the Israeli Likud Party say that the Minister of Justice Reckless and ready to burn the country, they also added, “The Minister of Justice has put the country on the brink of civil war and he must resign,” according to what was reported by Israeli Channel 12. Public opinion in Israel after the October 7 attack. Tension increased across Israel after the Palestinian factions’ attack on October 7. Netanyahu completely lost his popularity and the number of demonstrations calling for his dismissal doubled, describing his rule as a failure and holding him responsible for the failure of the intelligence services and the blood of the Israeli deaths. Some participants in the demonstrations wore black T-shirts with the Hebrew word “Shiva” (seven) printed on them, in reference to the events of October 7, and others wore another familiar T-shirt worn during the protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the summer of 2020, with the word “Lech” ( Go) printed in white on black, quoted in the newspaper “The Times of Israel.” Shmuel Rosner at the Jewish People's Policy Institute conducted an opinion poll on who they blame for the failures that led to the October 7 attack, and the results were: 30% blame the Israeli government, 26% blame the Israeli occupation army, and 38% blame both equally, according to what was reported. The Hebrew newspaper “Jerusalem Post”. The Jerusalem Post accuses Netanyahu of fighting to maintain his position and political career, and not to maintain Israel's security and eliminate Hamas, as Netanyahu personally placed the blame on the shoulders of the head of military intelligence when he tweeted in late October that he had never received a warning about the situation. An imminent attack by Hamas. She accuses him that these are his plans for how to remain on the political scene when the war ends and protests break out demanding his resignation, if more people now begin to believe that he is innocent and that it was the Israeli occupation army that failed to predict about the Hamas attack and warn the prime minister early.

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