Who is Al-Qurain?

You are not alone. There is someone who lives next to you. He is eternally watching your actions and whispering to you that you should do whatever sins you want and decorate them for you.

Who is Al-Qurain?

You are not alone. There is someone who lives next to you. He is eternally watching your actions and whispering to you that you should do whatever sins you want and decorate them for you.

You are in the presence of your companion...the spiritual being who occupies a space of space under your feet...and looks directly at you through the woman.

He is the one whose presence is not felt.

And when you die, the link between you and him is cut off, and he remains next to your grave, inhabiting it until the Day of Resurrection. And if you die unjustly or are killed intentionally, he will remain in the same position in which you were killed, chasing and punishing all those who killed you. He is your ghost after your death. ..

Common sayings about the reasons for the presence of a qareen with a person say that...the qareen is the devil who carries out the mission of seducing and misleading a person...and the word qareen means (a companion) or the one who accompanies a person from his birth until his death.

But there are several other reasons that caused the presence of the consort, which we will show you in the video..

The Qareen is a creature of the element of fire that lives outside the human body. He is not a jinn that can be harnessed. He is considered one of the most powerful spiritual creatures according to the composition with which he was created.

He is not drawn by magic, nor is he burned like a jinn, and he cannot leave a person except when he dies...

It is considered one of the three spiritually comprehensive components of a human being... in a more precise sense... its presence contributes to your completeness...

Man is spiritually composed of three concerns:

Firstly, the soul.. and no creature knows about it except God, and this was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the words of God Almighty..

(And they ask you about the spirit. Say, “The spirit is from the command of my Lord, and you have not been given of knowledge except a little.”)

That is, this soul is a private property of God and no one knows anything about it.

(They deceived you and said)  We can communicate with the dead

These are the common sayings of every spiritual person or follower of the science of spirituality... by claiming that they can prepare the soul of any person who has died... and also of being able to talk to her... and this happened when some scholars challenged men of religion that they would prepare the soul of the late scholar.” Albert Einstein...so they asked the clerics to set up a preparation arch inside the Mosque of Mecca...and when the operation was completed...nothing happened because the devils cannot enter the Mosque of Mecca...

This was a shock to their expectations, and the reality of preparing souls is not a reality. Rather, the one who attends is the companion of the dead person... not the soul, and here the verse was proven after its interpretation and confirmation.

After the soul...

Next is the soul that leads to evil, which means the person’s personality, his likes and dislikes, and according to what the person was raised with in terms of language and religious beliefs...and it is the external spiritual framework of the person..The soul that leads to evil, or what is called the (higher self)...and It seeks out pleasures and feelings of selfishness. This is the characteristic that every creature that possesses an ethereal body was created with, meaning that it possesses a soul. The first person in history who rebelled against evil and was obsessed with himself was Satan. At the time he tempted Adam and Eve and was the cause of their death. Their descent to earth.

The third and last of them is the qarin... who is not directly related to the human being except that he lives outside the body.

He represents the human's own demon, and his form does not take the form of a human in the full way, but he is the opposite of a human. If you laugh, he cries... and vice versa. He is created from the pure element of fire and belongs to the lower spiritual creatures... and the meaning of the term is (lower creature) It means that he belongs to the underworld, the majority of whose inhabitants are infidels and rebels, unlike the upper creatures, most of whom are Muslims and the rest are monotheistic and believe in God. So...the underworld are all infidels except for Qarin the Messenger, who converted to Islam. And this is the dividing point between us and the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him )..

How does the Qurain appear?

Most of its appearance occurs in dreams, especially nightmares

He appears in all forms. He may appear in the form of a shadow with features similar to yours or speak with your voice. And if he appears to you, he carries a message unless it is terrifying.. or he reveals to you someone.

The companion is considered the mirror of your feelings and your guidance at times.. At a time when you feel uncomfortable in a meeting or you hate the presence of someone with you, and after a while you discover that your feeling was correct.. This was caused by the companion who sent you those messages.. and he engages the sixth sense. Spirituality is the thin thread that connects us to the other world. When you shake hands with someone and you do not feel comfortable about meeting him... know that your feeling is 100% correct because your companion feels it and reflects his feelings back to you... and then you confirm your feelings after a while. You realize that you are a person with a strong sense of feeling for people, but... there is someone who lives next to you who dictates to you what is going on around you... some charlatans' secrets of knowing your truth and your past... come through the fact that they seek the help of the jinn in order to ask your companion about your origin and your season and recite it to you in detail. Strong enough to believe in them and their abilities.. but they cheat that through a jinn who came with a mission to hear what your companion recites to him and then tell you what is happening..

But ..

Was the Qareen created solely for the purpose of seducing man?

The answer is no..

He was not created only for this, but he was created to fulfill his mission after the death of man..

_Stop asking questions, dear viewer...and pay attention to the short part

When the Hour comes... and the descent of the Antichrist, whose presence is known to bring the most severe temptations on earth... and that he will roam the earth for forty days.

The first day will be a full year on Earth

The second day will be the size of a month... and the third day will be the size of a week... and the rest of the days will be the normal days of the Earth... but we do not know if it is a year according to our natural time or whether it will be longer according to the days of God Almighty... because one day is... God equals one hundred years on our planet, and this was mentioned in verse No. (111) of Surah Al-Mu’minun (Say, “How long have you stayed on earth for a number of years?” {112} They said, “We have stayed a day or a part.”) Then ask the returnees. {113} Say, “You have only stayed for a short time.” If only you had known.

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