The worst group of people in history are living on Earth now

Thousands of people are killed in bloody conflicts every year in silence. No one hears anything about them or does anything to them.

The worst group of people in history are living on Earth now

Are you surprised that fifteen thousand Palestinians were killed in Gaza without the world doing anything!!

Did you know that the death toll in a conflict between the Ethiopian government and the separatist Tigray Liberation Organization from November 2020 until the end of 2022 was no less than 300,000 people?!

Did you know that the number of civilian deaths in the war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Intervention Force since the beginning of the year exceeded 10,000?!

 Did you know that the death toll in Myanmar since the start of the violence that followed the military coup in February 2021 has exceeded 2,600 people?!

Did you know that nearly two years after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the battles left 180,000 dead or wounded among the Russian army and 100,000 on the Ukrainian side, in addition to the deaths of 30,000 civilians?!

And thousands of other deaths every year in Nigeria, Central Africa, Somalia and Afghanistan

All this while the world is watching and even encouraging and supplying weapons to everyone to kill everyone... The state of human decadence has reached its highest levels... and the victims are weak in this world that has no help or voice

I remind you that the countries of the so-called free world practiced on their people these cases of contempt and lack of humanity. Do you remember with me the thousands of elderly people who were left by the doctors and those charged with their care to die due to the Corona virus in nursing homes and the elderly in France, Britain, Italy and others, and they fled...and their bodies were discovered alone? Days later, without any account... these are the doctors who are supposed to be the most humane

Do you expect these people to feel sad or sympathize with the amputated heads of your children?

The world is now inhabited by the worst group of people in history

Here I remember the saying of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, that the Hour will only come upon the worst of people

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